The meeting was held at the home of Mike Hatanaka. President Reg Heitchue called the meeting to order at 8:03 and thanked Mike for hosting the meeting.  ExCom members Marilyn Clark, Ray McKinley and John Brunelli were not present.  The minutes of the July ExCom meeting were approved as distributed.



Treasurer Ray Jones reported.  There was discussion of the proposed budget that was passed out at the previous meeting.  David Abraham made note of the fact that expenses have been reduced.  Ray said that we are now in the black because of lowered expense for the TOOT since it is being distributed electronically. Another reason is that expenses for monthly meetings have gone down, since providing a meal is no longer required.  There were no deposits and no checks cleared this month, so the total assets and current balance remain the same as last month.  The question was raised about expenses for the anniversary dinner.  The club does not currently subsidize the cost of the anniversary dinner. The whole cost of putting on the dinner is paid for by money from the guests who attend the dinner.





Wilma Sharer reported. There are no changes in the membership status.



Bob Marx was not present.  Mike Hatanaka reported that he had a memo from Bob about a possible additional trip to Europe, but he didn’t think PVS would be interested.


Wilma Sharer said that the Ski Trip Committee needs to go through the roster and find out how many active skiers we have and set up a list of those people.  Ski trips should offer things to do other than skiing.  Reg suggested that we make a recommendation to the Ski Trip Committee that ski trips should include more activities than just skiing, and that trips should be more well-rounded.  Mike Strand motioned that we refer this issue to the Ski Trip Committee for consideration and recommendations on action.  Dave DeVilbiss seconded the motion, and it was passed unanimously.



David Abraham said that he is considering tickets for the inaugural concert at Strathmore Hall.  David asked for an indication by show of hands as to whether we should attempt to have events other than ski trips.  Suggestions included museum trips, theater outings and more.  Charlie Huggins suggested having some local area ski trips. Reg Heitchue proposed that we talk to Bob Marx and suggest soliciting people to lead local ski trips.  Charlie Huggins volunteered to lead a local trip.



Nancy McKinley reported on upcoming events for Ray.  The following events are planned:


  • September 18 – Trip to the Air & Space Museum at Dulles Airport
  • September 21 – Monthly meeting at the Strand’s
  • September 28 – ExCom meeting at the Abraham’s
  • October 2 – Oktoberfest – Jim Slack and Mary Ward
  • October 9-11 – Fall Color Weekend at Blue Knob – Betty Lawrence
  • October 18 – Monthly meeting at the Waddick’s
  • October 26 – ExCom meetinhg at the Heitchue’s



Jan Marx will be assembling the September TOOT and sending it to Marvin Hass.  Marvin urged that we keep the printed edition to eight pages or under in order to keep mailing costs down.  Reg thanked Marvin for being the summer editor of the TOOT.



Jessma Blockwick was not present, and there was no report.




The question was raised as to when the new Virginia incorporation should be enabled.  David Abraham said that a one sentence letter to the DC Corporate Counsel would be all that would be required to end corporation in DC.  Ray Jones will first complete the papers to obtain corporation in Virginia and then send a letter in to DC to end our corporation in DC.  Ray will go forward with the process.


Fortieth Anniversary dinner

Nancy McKinley and Rachel Abraham presented information they had gathered concerning possible sites for the dinner.  There are four categories: boats, hotels, historic sites and others.  Nancy brought up the question of what price members would be willing to pay to attend the event. Most people present were in favor of having a cash bar.  Some discussion followed concerning the price that most members would be willing to pay and whether or not the cost should be subsidized from the treasury.  Treasurer Ray Jones said that we could use the $3500 CD to help pay for the event.  David Abraham suggested getting 10 people on the committee for the dinner who would contribute $250 per person.  Then we could keep the cost down to $50 per person.  Reg Heitchue said that we need to decide whether or not to try for a very nice event that would be more expensive, or go for something less expense per person and have maximum participation.  The consensus was for a low-end package.  Nancy McKinley said that would rule out the boats and hotels.  Nancy and Rachel will continue to research the topic.


Trip Evaluations – No new information.


Bylaws – Discussion was tabled until the next meeting.




There was some discussion of ski trip insurance, since some people have been unhappy with their insurance and/or have had difficulty collecting.  Margaret Wyckoff said she felt that trip insurance should be optional for members and everyone should be responsible for their own insurance and for knowing what’s covered if they take insurance through the trip leader.  Reg Heitchue said that what would be useful to the club is to have a member do some research on various trip insurances and make some recommendations.  What is the best guidance for trip leaders?  Nancy McKinley strongly urged that medical evacuation insurance should be required, since it can be difficult for the trip leader if someone doesn’t have it.  Margaret Wyckoff said that John Smith is already working on doing some research on various companies.  Reg will send John an e-mail and ask him to take on the task of evaluating trip insurance for the club.


David Abraham motioned to adjourn at 9:50.  The motion was seconded by Dottie Villers and passed unanimously.