The meeting was held at the home of David and Rachel Abraham.  President Reg Heitchue called the meeting to order at 8:15 and thanked David and Rachel for hosting the meeting.  ExCom members Marilyn Clark, and John Brunelli were not present.  The minutes of the August ExCom meeting were approved as distributed.



Treasurer Ray Jones reported and distributed copies of the treasurer’s report.





Wilma Sharer reported.  There are no changes in the membership status.  We currently have 191 members.



Bob Marx was not present.  Mike Hatanaka reported.  There is no new information on the ski trip evaluations.  Wilma said the Snowmass Trip has 41 going to Snowmass and 12 going on to Beaver Creek.  The insurance carrier has been changed.  The Sun Peaks trip has room for three more people.


The BRSC meeting will be on Sunday 10/2.  Charlie Huggins and Glade Flake will be attending.



David Abraham had nothing to report.



Ray McKinley reported on upcoming events.  The following events are planned:


  • October 2 – Oktoberfest – Jim Slack and Mary Ward
  • October 9-11 – Fall Color Weekend at Blue Knob – Betty Lawrence (call Betty’s cell phone number (703) 626 – 3699)
  • October 18 – Monthly meeting at the Waddick’s
  • October 26 – ExCom meeting at the Heitchue’s
  • November 6 – Chili Hike (hike at Great Falls Park and chili at the McKinley’s)
  • November 16 – Monthly meeting at Sally Finan and George Welte’s house
  • November 23 – ExCom (TBD)


The January meeting will not have a quorum, so Ray McKinley will propose an alternate date at the next meeting.


It was suggested that we have a theater trip in DC. Margaret Wyckoff will look into what’s available.



Marvin Hass reported.  He said it would be helpful if people submit information for the TOOT by email rather than on paper.



Jessma Blockwick reported.  The Frank Shelburne Memorial hike will be October 29.  Shirley Rettig will be leading the hike along a bike path from Falls Church.  The hike will be followed by lunch at a Thai restaurant.  There will be a Demo Day at Wisp on Jan. 12-14.  Charlie Huggins will be coordinating the trip.  Jessma Blockwick announced her retirement as Mid-Week Events Chairman.  Reg thanked her for all her good work and suggested we consider her replacement at the next meeting.




Ray Jones said he has the forms to fill out that were downloaded from a web site.  He will fill them out and send them in to the commonwealth of Virginia.


Fortieth Anniversary dinner

Rachel Abraham reported on the Bolger Center as a possibility for the dinner.  The Postal Service built this facility as their national education center, and it is a very elegant building, which includes a hotel.  It is located in Potomac on Democracy Blvd., and so is easily accessible for Maryland, Virginia and DC members.  They have several large buildings with little activity going on during the weekend.  There is one room big enough for 60 people with another room for cash bar and a third separate room for hors d’oeuvres and food.  They have food and alcoholic beverages available (there is a pub on the same floor), but those attending can bring their own wine to put on the table.  In addition, people can stay overnight at the hotel.  The price for the event is $65.78, which includes food, hors d’oeuvres, tax, and tips.  Everything is included except alcohol.


David Abraham suggested buying an adequate supply of wine and having the treasury pay for the cost of the wine.  Nancy McKinley suggested picking a date and getting a reservation.  Reg Heitchue proposed that we tentatively select Sat. Nov. 5 as a date and have Rachel continue to pursue negotiations with the Bolger Center.  Nancy McKinley suggested considering Friday as an alternate date.  Nancy will pursue looking at officers’ clubs.  David Abraham mentioned that we should start considering looking at content for the program and finding someone to manage the event.  Marilyn Clark was suggested as a possible person for heading up the event.


Trip Evaluations

No new information.



Discussion was tabled until the next meeting.




Reg Heitchue has not yet talked to John Smith about insurance.  Margaret Wyckoff said that John is working on it.



There was some discussion as to what constitutes an absentee member.  Should a criterion for absentee membership be that you have to be a regular member first?  How far away does a member have to live to be considered an absentee member?  Should we just leave things the way they are?  David Abraham motioned that persons may apply for absentee membership if their primary residence is at least 75 miles from the DC boundary.  Mike Strand seconded the motion.  Reg Heitchue suggested that we table the motion and bring it up at the next meeting.  Mike Strand so motioned, seconded by Ray McKinley.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:48.