The meeting was held at the home of Marilyn Clark.  President Reg Heitchue called the meeting to order at 8:07 and thanked Marilyn for hosting the meeting.  The minutes of the November ExCom meeting were approved with corrections from David Abraham. All ExCom members were present.



Treasurer Ray Jones reported and distributed copies of the treasurer’s report.  All incorporation papers are in the hands of the attorney.  Ray anticipates that it will be completed by the end of January. He said that there has been a large savings on sending out the TOOT.  The cost has been cut by about a third.  Ray will do an update report on the budget in March.  He asked the club to consider opening a ‘super’ account at one of the banks, which would earn more money.





Wilma Sharer was not present, but Marilyn Clark reported that we have a new applicant member. Wilma needs to submit the list of applicant members to be voted on at the Feb. ExCom meeting, so that it can go into the March TOOT.  There are two people who are applicant members but have not been to a meeting.



Bob Marx reported.  The STC has been inactive for the last month.  They have not dealt with changing trip evaluations, so the current evaluations will be used on the Snowmass trip.  Two new situations have come up, and the trip leaders have contacted the trip participants.  The situations have been successfully resolved.



David Abraham reported.  The Program Planning Committee has been terminated.  Reg Heitchue thanked David for doing a great job as Program Planning Committee chairman.  Dave DeVilbiss has agreed to become the new mid-week events coordinator and is considering an October trip to Sun Valley Idaho for a one week jazz festival.  Dave asked whether we should sanction the Sun Valley trip or not and how we should handle non-skiing trips. There is a new theater trip coordinator, Margaret Wyckoff, who will attempt to have two theater outings a year. 


Marilyn Clark provided updated information about the Brandywine Valley trip.  She said the cost of a weekend trip to Brandywine Valley would cost about $200.00, which would include one night’s lodging, one dinner, one lunch, and some admissions to local places. She is considering doing the trip in May, probably the weekend of May 14-15.  Marilyn will continue to get further information about the trip.



Ray McKinley reported on upcoming events.  The following events are planned:

  • January 18 - Monthly meeting at Margaret Wyckoff’s
  • February 15 – Monthly meeting at the Clark’s
  • February 22 – ExCom meeting at Dottie Villers
  • March 15 – Monthly meeting at the Leonhardt’s
  • March 16 – Hexagon show
  • March 22 – ExCom meeting at Triau’s
  • April 19 – Annual meeting at the Vagonis’
  • April 26 – ExCom at the Abraham’s



Absentee members - Mike Strand said that he distributed information to absentee members.  All absentee members must first be a regular member.  To qualify as an absentee member you must reside at least 75 miles outside of Washington, DC.  A member who lives outside of 75 miles may choose to be an absentee member or not.  Mike sent an e-mail to all absentee members, and they all want to continue to be absentee members. Mike will present the results of his survey at the March meeting.


Fortieth dinner – Rachel Abraham reported.  There will be three speakers: Glade Flake for history, Ray McKinley for something humorous, and the incumbent president, David Abraham.  Jan Marx will be writing a skit.  Rachel gave prices for hotel rooms.  There will be information about the event in the next TOOT.  David Abraham reported on the financial picture.  The basic fee is $55.00, which does not include the cost of corkage ($1.00/bottle), wine, program fees, and favors.  If there are fewer than 70 people attending, there will be an additional fee.  David suggested that we pay any supplemental fees from the treasury. Ray McKinley motioned that we set the price at $59.00 unless we have 70 people or more.  The motion was seconded by Reg Heitchue and passed unanimously.


Nominating Committee – Serge Triau reported.  The nominating committee consists of Serge Triau, Mike Hatanaka, Bob Knopes, Ruth Powers, June Read-Martin and Mary Ward. The new nominees are:

            President – David Abraham

            Vice-President – Mike Strand

            ExCom – Charlotte Eddy, Burr Schuler, Dick Schwartzbard




There was no new business.  Dottie Villers motioned to adjourn, seconded by Marilyn Clark, and the meeting was adjourned at 9:17.