The meeting was held at the home of Dottie Villers. President Reg Heitchue called the meeting to order at 8:18 and thanked Dottie for hosting the meeting. The minutes of the January ExCom meeting were approved as amended. All ExCom members were present except for Dave DeVilbiss.


Treasurer Ray Jones reported and distributed copies of the treasurer’s report. He stated that we have cut our costs so that our expenditures have been reduced significantly.



Wilma Sharer reported and suggested that if the club plans to change the dues structure, we should do so before July when new dues will be due. We have a total membership of 200 and had six new applicant members in January. Applicants who qualify to be voted on at the annual meeting in April include David Monahan and Ingrid Monahan if she attends the March meeting. The Bertinelli’s and Stohlman’s may also qualify if they attend another meeting. Wilma proposed that Ilse Kiel, who has been an applicant member for four years, also be voted on at the annual meeting. Ray McKinley moved that we include Ilse Kiel to be voted on to become a full member, seconded by Reg Heitchue and approved unanimously.


Bob Marx reported. The ski season has been going very well, and the Ski Trip Committee has been testing a new evaluation form. The STC will be meeting on March 12 to go over proposed changes to the ski trip guidelines. Several unofficial proposals have been made for trips next year to Sun Valley, Snowmass, and Norway. There are no leaders so far for the BRSC Val Gardena trip.


Ray McKinley reported on upcoming events. The following events are planned:

Marilyn Clark said that the Brandywine trip will be the first weekend in June, and she will get an article in to the TOOT.

David and Susan Payne, who live in Dundee NY on the lakes, would like to set up a long weekend trip in the fall. David grows wine grapes and would like to have a wine tasting tour and include a boat trip on the lake as part of the weekend.


Jan Marx said that the TOOT needs to have inputs by Saturday. Ray Jones suggested sending those members who don’t currently get the TOOT electronically a PDF version with instructions for downloading the PDF viewer.


Elections – If no candidates in addition to the proposed slate of officers are presented at the March meeting then no ballots will be sent out, and the April TOOT should have a statement to that effect.

Incorporation – Ray Jones said that the paperwork has been sent in, but the lawyer has not heard back from the Commonwealth of Virginia. Ray feels confident that everything will be completed by next month.

Bylaws Changes – Mike Strand reported and passed out information on the dues structure and the proposed bylaws amendment pertaining to membership (see attached). Mike motioned that we approve the proposed amendment to the bylaws, seconded by Ray McKinley and approved unanimously. Mike Strand also passed out information for a proposed new membership category, Associate Member (see attached). Some discussion followed about the proposed new membership category and amendment to the bylaws. Ray McKinley moved that we accept Mike’s proposal for the bylaws as amended. The motion was seconded by David Abraham and approved unanimously.

Fortieth Dinner – Rachel Abraham reported that all is progressing well for the dinner. Marvin Hass will ask for slides from the past forty years to create a slide show. Jessma will write a PVS song, and there may be some musicians.


There was no new business. The meeting was adjourned at 9:35.