September 27, 2005

Present: David Abraham, David DeVilbiss, Charlotte Eddy, Mike Hatanaka, Charles and Sara Huggins, Ray Jones, Carolyn Maurer, Ray McKinley, Sharon Mulholland, Dick Schwartzbard, Mike Strand, and Pat Vagonis.

The meeting was held at the home of Ray and Judy Jones, with President David Abraham presiding.

The minutes of the August meeting were reviewed and approved.

David Abraham reported on the Anniversary Dinner. A visit to the Bolger Center was made to review the table and space arrangements. It was determined that the tables are large enough to accommodate nine place settings for a total of 90 people. The event is oversold, with 90 paid reservations and 3 on the waiting list (checks being held pending cancellations). If necessary, a small corner table can be set up for extra spaces.

Ray McKinley reported on activities:

October 1 – Oktoberfest at Slack/Ward

October 8 – 10, Blue Knob Weekend. There is still space for two more.

October 18 – Monthly meeting at Heitchue’s. Previously scheduled for

Ingrid Monaghan’s, the location has been switched to accommodate

the Heitchue’s impending move.

October 25 – ExCom at Sharon Mulholland’s. (Note that this location has

also been changed.

November 5 – 40th Anniversary Dinner

November 12 – Chili Hike

November 15 – Monthly meeting at Ingrid Monaghan’s

November 22 – ExCom at McKinley’s

Ray reported that he has had little response to the ad about Spamelot. Members need to be encouraged to sign up quickly lest it be sold out. Ad will again appear in TOOT.

Pat Vagonis reported that 180 members have paid membership dues. About 15 have not yet responded. Pat and others will contact them directly. The new roster will go out with the November TOOT. Pat is working on developing membership cards. She is collecting information about trip preferences from renewing members and will send it to the Ski Trip Committee Chair. She will also forward responses about volunteer activities to the relevant committee chairs. Discussion ensued regarding whether name tags should continue to be used at membership meeting. Most agree that they are helpful.

Ski Trip Committee: Mike H. and others reported on ski trip status. All trips are a “go”, though some may reduce their total bed census due to undersubscribing. Snowmass now has 31 signed up. Telluride is full. Scandinavia and the others have some spaces.

David DeVilbiss reported on mid-week activities, raising questions about the Frank Shelburn memorial hike, which has not yet been scheduled for this year. It was decided that it should be postponed until the Spring (probably April 6) due to the other activities already planned for the Fall, and announced in the TOOT. A leader will need to be found. Although some opinions were expressed that it be held on weekend in order to attract more participants, it was decided that it should continue to be a local hike sponsored by PVS as a weekday activity each year (typically it has been held in October).

Charlotte Eddy reported that she will lead the trip to the Spy Museum on Wednesday, October 26. Admission is $14. Details regarding carpooling or metro will come later. Thus far, only 4 people have signed up.

David D. reported on some other options for mid-week activities: weekly PATC “Easy Hikes” held each Wednesday, and Capital Science Evenings sponsored by the Carnegie Institute. He will announce these in the TOOT and provide more detailed information to interested members.

The WISP demo days take place on January 19. David D. is gathering details about reduced hotel rates. A trip leader is needed. Since the Snowmass and Sun Valley trips occur at that time, some potential leaders will not be available. An ad will be placed in the TOOT requesting volunteers.

Ray Jones submitted the Treasurer’s Report dated September 27, 2006 (attached). Assets reflect the recent dues payments and the anniversary dinner funds. The non-profit incorporation papers are still being processed by the State, but moving forward. Ray will explore options for CD reinvestments and report to the Committee.

Pat Vagonis asked about the ExCom’s advice regarding the Rockettes show. It was decided to table it for this year due to the Anniversary Dinner activities.

David Abraham asked the committee to prepare for a more comprehensive discussion at the next meeting regarding mid-week (and also weekend) programming and activities. Attendance is down for both, and leaders difficult to find. The Club membership is changing, and attention is needed to determining the type and number of activities that they would like as well as leaders to organize them. David DeVilbiss reminded the ExCom that he will resign as Midweek Coordinator when his term on the ExCom is up in April 2006.

Dick Schwartzbard moved to adjourn at 9:35.

--Carolyn Maurer acting for Jessma Blockwick, Secretary