NOVEMBER 22, 2005

The meeting was held at the home of Ray McKinley. Present were David Abraham, Jessma Blockwick, Dave DeVilbiss, Charlotte Eddy, Mike Hatanaka, Ray Jones, Bob Marx, Jan Marx, Carolyn Maurer, Ray McKinley, Dick Schwartzbard, Mike Strand.

The minutes were read and approved as amended.

For the Fortieth Anniversary banquet, $5192 was collected, The Bolger Center was paid $6117.98, so the net cost to the club was $925.98.

Bob Marx gave a summary of the Ski Committee’s survey of interest in

future destinations. There was little uniformity in responses. Snowmass and Vail/Beaver Creek each got 10, but no other site mentioned got more than 3. So there are no overwhelming desires by club members.

Ray Jones gave the Treasurer’s report. He will try to find an investment that will pay more interest, one the club will be comfortable with.

McKinley reported on activities. The December meeting will be at the home of Judy Macaluso’s. The nearby parking lot is open this year, so parking will be easier.

The February meeting will be at the home of Mary Beale. No place as yet for ExCom. The Dec/Jan ExCom will be at the Marxes’. The club meeting in January will be at June Reed Martin’s (or at the home of her daughter).

The February meeting will be at Mary Beale’s. No place yet for March meeting. In April, the Leonhardts will host the annual meeting.

McKinley went to the Ski Expo. He shared a booth with Capital Golden Skiers which used to be the Over the Hill Gang. The club had some insurance problems so dropped all its local clubs (about 80 of them). Asked about liability, Ray said if a group is incorporated in Virginia as a non-profit, there is no liability problem.

McKinley talked to them about the possibility of some joint events. ExCom consensus was that he could explore this, probably looking at small events first. Schwartzbard wondered if we should explore doing some activities with club with younger members.

DeVilbiss reported on midweek activities. On December 6, there will be a free Stan Kenton Christmas concert at the Kennedy Center.

On Feb. 8 Marvin Hass and Betty Byrne will lead a Zoo walk followed by lunch. The Club will get tickets to attend the Hexagon on March 15. In April, there will be the annual Frank Shelburne hike.

Mike Strand commented on future activities. Carolyn Maurer and Ruth Powers have information on hikes held every Wednesday. He asked whether our goal is to do more things for a few people or to look for events which would appeal to more people.

DeVilbiss said we need more notice for activities, perhaps three months. That would make it easier for people to plan. Strand suggested more discussion on this issue next month.

McKinley asked for suggestions for a place to hold a spring dinner.

Abraham raised the question of the long-term survival of PVS. Average age has progressed at almost one a year. There are a few younger members. PVS has perhaps 20 vacancies even with the applicants. The question is how to atract new and younger members. Are there new ways of accomplishing this?

McKinley said PVS is not going to get 30-something people. So we need to aim at 50’s and such. Brian Eardley said their shop gets many people like PVSers shopping. If we had a brochure, Eardley would be will willing to hand it to their customers.

Strand said TOOT is impressive. Maybe send copies of that to Eardley with a one-sheet covering flyer.

McKinley said the Capitol Golden Skiers had a sign on the booth at Ski Expo asking 50-plus people to come in and talk to them. The Ski Expo ran for three days. McKinley sees that as a huge potential. Suggests TOOT needs Email address and telephone number on first page so people can call for information.,

Jones said their daughter, 28, went on a ski trip and enjoyed it but would never join. He and Judy joined after going on a PVS trip. He suggests holding 4 to 6 spots on ski trips to invite non-members. Schwartzbard said if that used slots members might want, they would be irritated. Jones said there is adequate time for members to sign up. We could put a sign-up deadline, then invite others. Ski trips offer the best way to interest others in joining.

Marx said PVS is the only club in BRSC that doesn’t finance its trips through a central treasury. Jones said we couldn’t afford to do that.

Question raised as to how many PVS members still actively ski. Marx said he would do a questionnaire to find out.

Abraham said we need to find ways to reach out to new members. We need to talk about it at meetings and to others, stress the need to talk to skiing friends. He will draft a one-page flyer to go over TOOT in ski shops.

Strand moves that we promote PVS through use of TOOT and supplementary materials in selected ski shops. Schwartzbard seconded. All agreed.

Strand had talked of $16 ski helmets. He will put a notice in the TOOT that the offer fell through.

Strand moved for adjournment. Schwartzbard seconded and all agreed.


Minutes submitted by

Jessma Blockwick, Secretary.