MINUTES - PVS EXCOM - March 9, 2006

The meeting was held at the home of Eloise and Mike Strand.

Present were David Abraham, Jessma Blockwick Dave DeVilbiss, Charlotte Eddy, Marvin Hass, Mike Hatanaka, Sara and Charlie Huggins, Carolyn Maurer, Ray McKinley, Sharon Mulholland, Dick Schwartzbard, Burr Shuler, Eloise and Mike Strand. The minutes of the last meeting were approved as corrected.

Abraham said that no additional names had been proposed for officers at the coming election other than those nominated by the Nominating Committee. Strand said head of the Nominating Committee monitored vote. President said he preferred a non-committee head to do the job.

Hass pointed out the election of new members also takes place at the April meeting. Sara Huggins announced the names of people who have been recommended for membership. They are Mary Beale, Dave Bertagnmoli, Joe Jevcak, Ingrid Monaghan, Cherie Stallman, Jean van Der Tak, Liz Warren-Boulton, Joanna and Bruno Walker. If Pat Vagonis has to be late, Sara will have the necessary information. Vagonis should prepare a printed ballot with candidates for membership listed.

The question was raised as to whether the latter two have fulfilled all membership requirements. Abraham asked whether ExCom can approve in such cases. DeVilbiss moved to approve applicants, Schwartzbard seconded, and the ExCom approved.

Charlie Huggins suggested the President should remind people at each meeting to be sure to sign in and pay.

Barbara Leonhardt wants to have more elaborate food at the Annual Meeting than the Club now recommends but members should be reminded that at the average meeting food should be simple and limited.

Reminder that Nestor and Pat Delevaux should also be voted on as Associate Members at the Annual Meeting.

Treasurer’s Report is attached. The Treasurer is out of town but reported Club is in good financial shape.

Ski Trip Chair is absent so Eloise Strand reported. Asks ExCom to approve a Jan. 18-25, 2007 Snow Mass trip early. Maurer says it will be approximately same trip as this year when 35 went on it. Trip would again be the week before the X Games. Mt. Chalet is holding a block of rooms for the same price as this year

Abraham asked what early approval means. Air fares are not yet known. Maurer and DeVilbiss would put a half page ad in next month’s TOOT. Ski Trip Committee gave its early approval in order to take advantage of the hotel rates. Eloise Strand pointed out it is a popular trip, with 20 people this year who were repeaters. Charles Huggins raised issue of whether early approval shuts out other trips and McKinley asked about fairness of this one advertising before others. Dick Schwartzbard moved to give early approval, Mulholland seconded. Approval was unanimous.

Several people have distributed The TOOT with a covering letter about PVS but no inquiries have been reported. Abraham said most inquiries should come at beginning of ski season. Campaign should really start in the fall.

McKinley reported next meeting is at the Ufholzes. The Hexagon evening is sold out. April Annual Meeting at the Leonhardts’. April ExCom at Eddy’s. May meeting at home of the daughter of Edith Rabinowitz. May ExCom at the Abrahams’; June ExCom at the Huggins’. Club has the tickets for “Spamalot.” Twelve have signed up for the Williamsburg weekend.

The Shelburne Hike has been set for April 8--on a weekend to attract more people. Hass announced Bike ride on April 20. Rides will be monthly, some on weekends, some midweek.

McKinley reminded there has traditionaly been a spring dinner. Asks if anyone has a suggestion for a place to hold one and a possible date. Mulholland will explore options.. Possibly might be at Kentlands Mansion.

Eloise Strand checked on ski trip rules and their comment on early trip requests. Rules say early trips may be advertised in the TOOT. All trips need to be approved by ExCom. Once approved, trips can advertise in the TOOT and can take deposits early.

Schartzbard moved the meeting be adjourned. Motion approved at 9:02.

Minutes submitted by Jessma Blockwick, Secretary.