Minutes – PVS ExCom – May23, 2006


The meeting was held at the home of David and Rachel Abraham.


Present were David Abraham, Mary Beale, Glade Flake, Marvin Hass, Sara and Charlie Huggins, Ray Jones, Bob Knopes, Dick Laeser, David Lerner, Jan and Bob Marx, Nancy McKinley, Dick Schwartzbard, Burr Schuler, and Mike and Eloise Strand.


The minutes from the April 25th meeting were approved as would be corrected.


Ray Jones provided an update on PVS finances. He distributed a revised and supplemental Treasurer’s Report. A balanced budget is expected for the present term (Sept 2005-Aug 2007). Efforts to transfer PVS’s assets from Sandy Spring Bank to either Sun Trust of Cardinal are on hold until Ray receives the Virginia Incorporation papers. The club has been in the process of changing its nonprofit incorporation status from DC to Va. Ray will let ExCom know of any progress.


David expressed concerns about the PVS web site. The current web site is mainly oriented to Club members and is lightly protected (the password is the name of the newsletter). The Club statement informs readers about the Club. It is not designed for recruitment of new members. Dave Lerner volunteered to help broaden its scope to reach nonmembers as well as members. Marvin suggested having two web sites- one open and one just for members. A committee was formed to deliberate further. In addition to Dave and Marvin, David, Mike, and Ray Jones volunteered to serve on the committee. Copies of communications will be copied to Jan as Editor of Toot.


Nancy confirmed the locations of the July 25th (Beale) and August 22nd (Schwartzbard) ExCom meetings.


Bob spoke about the ski trips proposed for the 2006-2007 season. Since a total of 6 trips have been requested, the Ski Trip Committee (STC) is seeking comments and approval from ExCom. The trip schedules adhere to the guideline requirement that 5days elapse between the end of one trip and the beginning of another. (If “optional days” are included, the separation sometimes falls short of 5 days.) Bob said that the vote within the STC was not unanimous for either 5 trips or 6. The STC recognizes that trip leaders have concerns about competition from other trips. However, the STC felt it was important to offer PVS members a wider array of destinations.


Charlie provided the statistics on last year’s season. There were a total of 119 skier trips which included 13 guests. Twenty-one went on 2 trips; two went on 3 trips. The Winter Park trip had 22 real skiers while the Scandinavian trip had 3.


Several ExCom members expressed concern about the large number of trips. They feared a decline in the number of trip participants and ultimately a reduction in people interested in leading trips. The trip leader bears the consequences if a trip is under subscribed to. Cost predictions can change. The Club treasury does not underwrite trips.


Glade spoke from his own experience of leading 5 trips in the last 5 years. “I don’t do it to make money…It’s not a money making thing for me.” Nancy concurred but felt that reimbursement might mean more to some leaders. David noted that the trip concerns might be alleviated by reaching a wider readership on the Club website. An earlier posting of trip dates was also suggested. Bob, Nancy, and Glade felt that the August 1st posting was still the most reasonable. Dick added that the Club brings in members because of the trips. “The more trips you have and variety of trips, the more people you will attract.”


The STC proposal for 6 trips in the 2006-7 season was brought to a vote. It passed 4 to 2 with one abstention. A vote was also held on the proposal for a ski/tour trip to Buenos Aires and the Rio de Janeiro in late summer 2007. Trip leaders are Nancy and Ray McKinley. The vote was 6 in favor, none opposed, and one abstention.


Bob requested an early endorsement from ExCom for a 2-week ski/tour trip to Slovenia and Bulgaria (mid February to early March 2008) proposed by Kerry Hines. Kerry had discussed the possibility with Bob for the 2007 ski season but due to conflicts with other trip proposals, moved it up to 2008. As presented, the trip would occupy a considerable time period and potentially compromise other trips. It would conflict with the BRSC trip held in the first week of March. Mike pointed out that the trip provided an opportunity for members to travel with people they felt comfortable with in a part of the world that’s not easily explored. David suggested asking Kerry for more details about the trip and the ski areas.


Wearing his new hat as coordinator of non-ski activities, Mike announced that there were 5 openings in the Alps Tour de France Excursion being held in July. Mike asked that the information be included in TOOT. Historically TOOT has not included events that were not endorsed by ExCom. The proposal was not seconded.


Anticipating the eventual marketing of trips to non PVS members, several ExCom participants pointed out that there would be no way to know about the individuals until the trip was in progress.


Dick moved to adjourn at 9:30 pm.


Minutes submitted by Mary Beale, secretary