Minutes – PVS Excom – October 24,2006

The meeting was held at the home of Bob and Karen Knopes. People attending were David Abraham, Charlotte Eddy, Sara and Charles Huggins, Ray Jones, Bob and Karen Knopes, Dick Laeser, Dave Lerner, Ray McKinley, Jan and Bob Marx, Dick Schwartzbard, and Mike Strand. The minutes of the September meeting were approved as corrected.

Treasurer’s Report: Ray Jones spoke and will be leaving between 15 November and 15 December. Dick Laeser has taken over and presented his report. Only a few loose ends remain. Ray gave Dick the form for Dick to become PVS’ Registered Agent in Virginia; Dick will fill it out and submit it ASAP. The Cardinal Bank accounts have a balance of $8930.91. Formal closing of Sandy Spring Bank account is being done. The balances in the specific accounts are:

---Savings account - $5509.60

---Checking account - $2620.66

---Closing check from

Sandy Spring Bank - $800.66

It was mentioned that the electronic mailing of “TOOT” has saved PVS considerable money and financially, we are in good shape.

Dave Lerner spoke about the new “Web Page”. Guidelines need to be given for the submission of photos – (need names, dates, and identification of events). Marvin is willing to take the pictures, but there is a question as to whether he will continue editing…

Upcoming Events

Kentlands Stroll – October 28th – begins at 2 PM promptly as there is a museum tour planned. Only 11 have signed up so far.

Octoberfest – October 29th at Pat Vagonis’s home in Potomac, Maryland with Pat and Margaret Wyckoff hosting.

Chili Hike – November 4th with Ray and Nancy hosting. Ray said that a short hike was available to River Bend Park along the river. Only 11 have signed up so far.

November Meeting – November 21st at the home of Sally Finan and George Welti in Reston.

Excom Meeting – November 28th at the home of Bob and Jan Marx.

December Meeting – December 19th at the home of Ingrid Monaghan.

David Abraham suggested that the December and January Excom meetings be combined with the appointed date being January 9th but no one volunteered to hold the meeting. David Abraham mentioned that if no one volunteered, he would hold the meeting at his house. Ray McKinley will search for other options.

January Meeting - Bob and Jan Marx

February Meeting – Mary Beale

Annual Frank Shelbourne Hike was held on October 18 with Sally Finan leading. Due to a wrong turn, the hike was 2 miles longer than planned. 15 people had signed up but only 10 participated.

Mid Week Day Trip – December 21 Charlie Huggins leading to Liberty…

3 Day Wisp Trip – January 10, 11, 12 (demo-day January 11). Pat Vagonis leading. Martin Luther King holiday weekend noted.

David Abraham proposed planning a Strathmore Concert event for May.

Ski Trip Reports

Ray McKinley reported that he has 14 participants for the Sun Peaks Trip. He also mentioned that he had 10 people signed up for their August trip to Argentina and Brazil.

Glade’s trip to Schladming, Austria, Athens, Greece, and Vienna, Austria has 12 to 14 people at this time. Apparently, the conflicting dates of his trip and Sun Peaks did not result in the loss of participants in either trip.

Snowmass has 26 people now scheduled.

Big Sky has 20………

Dick Schwartzbard moved for the meeting to adjourn…

Submitted by Charlotte Eddy for Mary Beale, Secretary, October 29,2006