Minutes – PVS Excom – May 15, 2007

The meeting was held at the Ufholz’s home at the end of the business session of the regular monthly meeting. Present were Mary Beale, Dick Comerford, Carolyn Maurer, David DeVilbiss, Sara and Charlie Huggins, Bob Knopes, Dick Laeser, Dave Lerner, Jan and Bob Marx, Ray McKinley, Ruth Powers, Philip Ufholz, and David Warthen.

Dick C. presided over the meeting in Mike Strand’s absence. Dick had spoken with Mike about the April 24th Excom meeting. Regarding the subject of a weekday events coordinator, Mike felt that it was not a position that needed to live on. Dick C. said that we need to put some additional focus on events. The responsibility can’t be placed solely on Ray. He suggested talking with members about what we should be doing. Carolyn feels that there is a need for someone to oversee midweek and weekend activities that are different from the main events that Ray organizes. Phil Upholz volunteered to take on the job.

Dick C. asked for approval of the April 24th minutes. David W. said that contrary to what had been said in the minutes, the new Excom members (Carolyn, Ruth, and David W.) had not been formally welcomed at the meeting. Dick C. extended his apologies. David W. went on to say that some of the April 24th discussion about a new membership chair had not been included in the minutes. The initial discussion had begun with David W. acknowledging that he had been approached about the job. As the demands were outlined, Carolyn had said that she and David DeVilbiss could be the public part of the position. A motion and was made to approve the minutes as amended.

Dick L. presented the Treasurer’s report. The club’s current assets come to $7864.26.

Bob M. reported from the Ski Trip Committee. It seems that two trips from 2006-2007 (Steamboat and the BRSC European trip) did not receive evaluation forms. Interestingly even the trip in which the return flight was abruptly cancelled had no complaints registered on the evaluations. “And that’s the most traumatic thing that can happen”, added Charlie.

Ray listed the upcoming events. Betty Lawrence is organizing group attendance at a popular cabaret show on June 27th. Excom approved a motion to provide any necessary monies to cover expenses until those attending have submitted their payments.

Dick L. tentatively agreed to host the June Excom meeting. Ray asked that we think of locations for Excom Meetings during the summer. Charlie asked that Phil be made aware that the club usually has an annual golf tournament. Let Jan know the date when it’s determined so that she can put it in TOOT. Burr Schuler can provide information since he was one of the organizers last year.

Returning to the topic of membership chair, Charlie suggested Betty Comerford. Dick C. said that Betty might help with the computer aspect. David W. offered to do the computer work. He couldn’t guarantee that he would be able to attend every Excom meeting or every regular meeting. David DeVilbiss offered to be the “meeter and greeter”. David went on to say that he would assume the responsibility of fielding membership related telephone calls and emails. David’s name will be listed as the membership contact person on the club web site.

Dick C. asked how people felt about holding Excom meetings with the regular monthly meeting. Ray said that he was opposed to the approach because the regular meeting is a social occasion. Bob Knopes said that reducing the number of meetings was still a desirable goal.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:25 pm.

Minutes submitted by Mary Beale, Secretary