Minutes – PVS Excom – June 26,2007

The meeting was held at the Laeser’s home. Present were Mary Beale, David DeVilbiss, Sara and Charlie Huggins, Bob Knopes, Dick Laeser, Carolyn Mauer, Ray McKinley, Ruth Powers, Mike Strand, and David Warthen.

The minutes from the May 15th meeting were approved.

Dick Laeser presented the Treasurer’s report. There have been disbursement for the April Excom meeting, TOOT related expenses, membership renewal expenses, and the 2- year fee for the club website service since the May meeting. The total came to $354.88. Dick will be submitting the 2007 Annual Report to the Virginia Corporation Commission.

Carolyn Mauer reported difficulty returning money to one of the club members who withdrew from the Snowmass trip last year. “We’ve distributed it to him a second time,” said Carolyn. He has said that he would really like to donate it to the club. She will let us know of any progress.

Ray reported on upcoming events. The British Music Hall Players will be performing tomorrow night. The All Trips party is scheduled for July 21st at the Hines’ Delaplane home. The annual Crab fest on September 8th will again be at Betty Lawrence’s home. Monthly meetings will resume in September with a gathering at the Waddick’s on September 18th. Mike Strand would like to host the September 25th Excom meeting at his home. The October 16th monthly meeting will be at the Jablon’s.

There are no events scheduled for August. The next TOOT will be a combined July/August issue. Ray feels it’s important to have an August Excom meeting to prepare for fall. Mike would like to conduct the meeting by conference call. It takes about ten days to set up. He learned from the Nominating Committee Chair that a frequent concern among Excom candidates was the large number of meetings. Mike is waiting to see how many agenda items emerge.

Mike asked for our thoughts on holding the annual ski equipment demo at the Ski Center rather than at a member’s home. The club could rent chairs if necessary. Some questioned whether the space was adequate to accommodate the Club. Mike will give Brian a call. Mike said that he would like for the Club to consider different meeting possibilities for the future.

Ski-Trip Status

The Sun Valley trip has 10 people. It’s aiming for 32 while holding places for 42. The Snowmass trip has 37 people plus 2 trip leaders. A trip with more than 40 people would have to be sanctioned by Excom and the Ski Trip Committee. The Balkans trip has 12 so far. Carolyn believes the Club has another year (2009) at Snowmass. (The resort is changing ownership).

Charlie has spoken with Patty Vagonis who would be happy to lead the Wisp Trip this year.

Ray said that he and Nancy hope to resurrect the Argentina/Brazil trip for summer 2008.

The Club is still in need of a Mid-week Events Chair. Carolyn asked if the position could be renamed. There is a need for someone who could coordinate midweek events and weekend events over and above and somewhat different from what Ray does. A committee approach was suggested. Ray remembered that there had been a committee a few years ago and that it hadn’t worked. He suggested David Abraham for the job. Mike will contact David.

Club Membership

David Warthen, Membership Chair, has taken a survey of Club members who are in the database as having e-mail. Currently 87% of the members have email. Of these 60% are open to receiving their membership renewal form by pdf. In reviewing the membership dues protocol, David noted that absentee members (both individuals and couples) are asked to pay a $20 two-year fee. Associate members are asked to pay a $25 (individual) and $40 (couple) two-year fee. Absentee members have been full members once and have moved away. They are included in the 200 member ceiling for the Club. Associate members have never been active members. They are not included in the 200 member limitation. Currently active members pay $40 as individuals and $70 as couples. Applicants pay $50 as individuals and $90 as couples.

Excom has jurisdiction over the dues rates. Excom voted to change absentee dues to the same level as associate dues, namely, $25 for individuals and $40 for couples.

Someone asked why applicant dues were so high. Mike explained that they were similar to an initiation fee.

The need for having the Member Release and Waiver of Liability Agreement signed with each renewal cycle was discussed. The practice arose over concerns for trip leader vulnerability. It adds protection for the Club against frivolous lawsuits. One member has declined to sign it because of its scope. “The way it is written, it’s like you have to sign your life away.” It would be nice to sign only once and maintain a record of that. Excom’s consensus was that the most reliable approach was to continue to request signatures with the renewal applications.

David will be sending the applications out July 1st. Recipients have until 31 October to send in their dues.

David discovered an incomplete sentence in the Bylaws. The Current wording is “Notwithstanding the above provisions, if otherwise convinced of the applicant’s qualifications for membership, upon two-thirds vote of all Executive Committee members.”

David suggests replacing it with “Notwithstanding the above provisions, obtain two-thirds vote of all Executive Committee members who are otherwise convinced of the applicant’s qualifications for membership.”

Since it is essentially a grammatical correction, the change will be made effective without a membership vote.

The ideal frequency for distributing the membership roster was discussed. The final consensus was to send an updated Roster out quarterly by pdf and annually by snail mail.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 pm.

Minutes submitted by Mary Beale, Secretary