Minutes – PVS Excom – October 23, 2007

The meeting was held at the home of Carolyn Maurer and David DeVilbiss. Present were Mary Beale, Dick Comerford, David DeVilbiss, Sara and Charlie Huggins, Bob Knopes, David Lerner, Jan and Bob Marx, Carolyn Maurer, Ruth Powers, Eloise and Mike Strand, and David Warthen.

The September 25th minutes were approved as corrected.

Dick Laeser was not present but he had submitted the Treasurer’s report. Deposits included two membership dues ($98) and the $928 unclaimed trip refund. Future questions for Dick include 1) Is the treasury being continually added to or is it breaking even? and 2) Is today’s balance ($13,425) higher than the balance 2 years ago?

Carolyn introduced the instruction sheet the membership committee drafted for registration at monthly meetings. A round of applause was given for Sara who personally oversaw registration at monthly meetings and various other events for the last ten years, never missing a meeting. Conceding that Sara cannot be replaced, the instruction sheet attempts to spread the responsibility while maintaining uniformity in the registration process. The membership committee has prepared a registration packet that can be hand delivered or mailed to meeting hosts. Carolyn may rework the wording in the instruction sheet pertaining to reimbursement. Currently hosts may be reimbursed for up to $150 over what is collected. If possible, expenses should have corroborating receipts.

The Capital Golden Skiers are being invited to the November 20th monthly meeting at the Ski Center. A separate sign up sheet as well as labels will be made available to them. Brian Eardley will present the latest ski equipment. Dave Lerner offered to set up an email account at Skiers.org for individuals to RSVP to. This could be used for other events as well. Dave will also provide directions to the Ski Center to post on the website and include in TOOT. Eloise has generously offered to assemble a committee to oversee refreshments for the occasion.

Dave Warthen provided an update on the status of membership renewals. To date 170 people have reupped, including 13 Applicants and 4 Associates. Eight have not responded. (Actually six. John Pulos and Leona Mahallati plan to renew). Twenty-two are not renewing. Dave will be sending out membership cards with a note informing recipients of perks such as discounts that cardholders are eligible for. Dave has created a dozen or so lists from membership responses (e.g. “Coordinate an Event”, “Run a Major Ski Trip” etc.). He can make these and others available to members upon request.

The Club will be manning a booth at the upcoming National Ski and Snowboard Expo 11/9-11. A reminder will appear in TOOT. Bob Knopes will be on the first shift and as such will be responsible for the decorations. Jan is giving Bob the Club banner, two PVS tee shirts, paper and pencils, a group photo (Snowmass 2003), and a PVS information sheet that David Abraham composed a few years ago to take along. Several copies of this year’s trip fliers will also be made available. Another draw – candy – will be conspicuously present.

The November 27th Excom will be at the Marx’s. Dick Comerford will preside since Mike will be unable to attend. The host for the December Christmas meeting is still in negotiations.

Charlie Huggins will be leading Ski Liberty again this year on December 20th. Everyone is welcome.

Ski Trip Status: There are 40 people including the leaders going to Snowmass (Jan 17-24). There is still room for a single male. The Balkans trip (Mar 2-13) has 12 signed up. Kerry Hines sends word that there are still some airline seats available. The Sun Valley trip (Feb 9-16) has 20 and still room for more.

Bob Marx, Dave Lerner, and Charlie Huggins attended the September 29th BRSC meeting. The time is approaching for PVS to host one of the semiannual BRSC meetings. Charlie and Sara organized a meeting about 5 years ago. They held it at a Marriott hotel. The last 2 BRSC meetings have been in Linthicum. The next meeting will be at Maggiono’s in Tyson’s Corner. The meetings usually run from 8 am to 4 pm and include a light breakfast, lunch, and refreshments for both a morning and afternoon break. Attendance is approximately 40 people. Sara and Charlie asked the Marx’s if they would consider being hosts. Bob and Jan were willing but preferably for the spring of 2009 rather than the fall of 2008. The Marx’s spend their summers in Minnesota. As hosts they would identify a venue for the meeting, submit a down payment (provided by BRSC), and choose the menu. Sara and Charlie started working on their meeting about 5 months in advance. Dick Comerford volunteered to be backup. Dave Lerner offered to help as well.

Club Promotion: Charlie Huggins provided a picture and flier featuring a decal that can be worded for the Club. Several Excom members felt that the decal would be a useful item. It can be affixed to helmets, skis, and other gear. “I think these will sell. I’d love to have them to put on my skis” (Dick Comerford). “I think it’s a good idea because I can never identify someone on a slope” (Dave Warthen). The general consensus was that Excom would order 125 decals in blue for $150. The decals will say “PVS Ski Club”. Selling price - $2.

Sara and Charlie shared their experience selling Club T shirts several years ago. “You get a few models, bring them to a monthly meeting, and you take orders.” They sold about 70 T-shirts for $7 a piece in about 6 months. They were popular items while increasing the visibility of the Club name. “ There are a lot of T-shirt places around now,” said Sara. Dick Comerford asked about the collared shirt (aka golf shirt) that was once sold. A notice will be placed in TOOT asking for a volunteer to oversee shirt sales for the Club.

Ski Club to Snow Sports Club: Mike asked for opinions on the suggestion to expand the Club to include snow boarders. There were no objections. The fact that Patty Vagonis’s son, a potential 3rd generation PVS member, is a dedicated snow boarder was cited as an incentive. It was also noted that there are couples in the Club in which one member skis and the other snow shoes. The Club name wouldn’t change. Mike will present the recommendation to the membership at large in his monthly TOOT address.

Time is approaching for a Nominating Committee Chair to be appointed. Mike welcomes suggestions. The Chair selects a committee of five or more from the membership. The committee recommends replacements for the 3 outgoing Excom members. Sitting members may be renominated.

The January 15th Excom meeting will be a conference call. The Club will have its first daytime monthly meetings on January 27th and February 24th, 2008.

Charlie Huggins has seen to the return of the PVS name on the Willis calendar. Willis is a ski shop in Fairfax where Charlie bought some very expensive skis.

Minutes submitted by Mary Beale, secretary.