Minutes – PVS Excom Conference Call – February 26, 2008

Participants in the conference call included Mary Beale, Bob Knopes, Dave Lerner, Bob and Jan Marx, Carolyn Maurer, Ray McKinley, Mike Strand, and David Warthen.

Minutes from the January 15th conference call Excom meeting were approved as corrected.

Dave Lerner said that he had received a membership question on the club’s website. The individual is interested in switching from the Washington Ski Club to PVS. Carolyn volunteered to call the individual if Dave forwarded the information to her.

Ski Trips: “Two down, one to go,” said Bob Marx of this year’s ski trips. Both trips, the first to Snowmass and the second to Sun Peaks, were very successful. Bob mentioned that on the trip evaluations two individuals on each trip expressed a preference for having dinner later. In Bob’s experience where a group is involved, restaurants prefer either an early or a late seating.

Fourteen people will be leaving Sunday, March 2nd for the Balkans (Mar 2-13).

A query about opening club membership to snowshoers and snowboarders was included on the trip evaluation forms. The response was overwhelmingly in favor. There were three people opposed. Dave Lerner made the original proposal to broaden the membership criteria at the October 23rd Excom meeting. Mike asked Dave to draft the appropriate changes to the Bylaws. Excom felt the wording should refer to “snow sports” rather than the more specific “snowboarding” and/or “snowshoeing”. Dave will distribute the draft to Excom members in advance of the March 25th Excom meeting. Mike would like the proposal ready for a general membership vote at the April annual meeting. Ray asked for clarification on the need for the change. “Nothing in the Bylaws says that if you try snowboarding we’re going to kick you out of the club.” Carolyn mentioned attracting new members and drawing younger members as motivations. Ray asked if the name of the club was going to be changed. The response was a resounding “no”.

Events: Ray has arranged for hosts for the next four monthly meetings:

March 18 – Eugenia and Philip Ufholz

April 15 – Annual meeting. Party room at Reg and Jean Heitchue’s condo building. A

committee has been formed to oversee the food.

May 20 – Home of Edith Rabinovitz’s daughter

June 17 – Carolyn and David Callaway

The March 25th Excom will be at Mary Beale’s. The April 22nd Excom will be a t Marsha and David Warthen’s.

Barbara Leonhardt is arranging a Segway tour in Annapolis on May 3rd. Spaces are limited to 8 people a tour. The plan is to offer two tours back to back. Participants on one will have lunch first, then the tour. Participants on the other will have the tour first and then lunch. Additional information will appear in TOOT.

There are still many PVS helmet stickers available. The original cost to PVS was $.35 apiece. Mike suggests that the sale price be reduced from $1 to $.50. All agreed.

Eloise Strand has suggested that the club send sympathy cards to appropriate relatives when a member of the club has passed away. All agreed that it was an excellent idea. The secretary will be responsible for sending the cards.

The deadline for TOOT is tomorrow, February 27th. Jan plans to include profiles on two of the new Excom members.

Only 14 people attended the February 24th meeting at Dorian Janney’s home. Ray felt that it was hard to make a recommendation for future daytime meetings since so few Excom members attended. At this point he would suggest trying it again next year. Carolyn recommended a later time than 1 pm, perhaps 1:30 or 2 pm.

Ray recently received an email from Reg Heitchue about cruise opportunities in the South Pacific. The 11-day cruises are booked until 2009. There might be some openings on 7-day cruises in October 2008. The ships hold 170-180 passengers and are described as quite luxurious. Ray asked if anyone on the conference call would be interested. Bob Knopes expressed interest as did Ray. A motion was passed to ask Reg to collect further information that he can present to Excom. Ray feels that there may be a dozen members of the club who would be interested.

The conference call, which began at 7:30 pm, adjourned at 8:22 pm.

Minutes by Mary Beale, secretary

(A sympathy note was sent to PVS member David Phillips on 3/4/08 due to the loss of his mother, Jan Phillips. Jan was a former member of PVS.

A sympathy card was sent to Pat and Nestor Delevaux on 3/5/08 due to the loss of Nestor’s sister, Maryse Delevaux. Pat, Nestor, and Maryse were all members of PVS.)