Minutes – PVS Excom Meeting – March 25, 2008

The meeting was held at the home of Mary Beale. Present were Mary Beale, Dick Comerford, Sara and Charlie Huggins, Bob Knopes, Dick Laeser, Bob and Jan Marx, Carolyn Maurer, Ray McKinley, Mike Strand, Ruth Powers, and David Warthen.

The minutes from the February 26, 2008 conference call were approved.

Dick Laeser submitted the Treasurer’s Report with itemized activity of the last 2 months. There was a deposit of $40 related to the sale of PVS decals on the Snowmass trip. Mike pointed out that Excom had agreed to lower the cost of each decal from $1 to $0.50. In view of this, Dick will return $20 to Carolyn (co-leader of the Snowmass trip). Carolyn has yet to mail out refund checks to participants. She can make the appropriate financial adjustment when she does.

Membership: Dave Warthen said that there had been no change in the membership figures since his report of 2-26-08 (see 2-26-08 Minutes). Traditionally applicant members who satisfy the By-Laws requirements for full membership are voted into the Club at the April Annual Meeting. Toward that end, Carolyn reviewed the roster of current applicant members:

  1. Walter Flowers – has attended three meetings. Carolyn will contact him to see if he has skied with a member of the Club.

  2. Donna Hambric and John Seabold – went on Snowmass trip in 2007, attended April Annual Meeting and Crab fest in 2007. Satisfy requirements for membership.

  3. Jessica and Daniel Wellwood – attended one event. Carolyn will speak with them. Anticipate that requirements will be satisfied by next year.

  4. Marie and Bob Heilen – together they have attended several meetings. Both ski. Bob went on 2008 Snowmass trip. Fulfill membership requirements.

  5. Dorian Janney – has hosted two monthly meetings. Busy schedule has prevented participation in ski trips. Excom voted to change status to full membership.

  6. Sherri and Thomas McKenna – attended 2007 All Trips Party at the Hines and skied with members, Mike and Eloise Strand. Fulfill requirements for membership.

The current applicants for Associate Membership were also discussed:

  1. Bonnie and Russel Sweeney of Fortville, Indiana – went on 2008 Snowmass trip. Fulfill associate membership requirements.

  2. Paralee White of Henderson, NV – went on 2008 Snowmass trip. Fulfills requirements for Associate Membership.

According to the Club By-Laws, the names of candidates for membership must be presented “to the membership in writing, ten days prior to the Annual Meeting”.

The names of the above applicants who fulfill membership requirements will be published in the April TOOT that is sent out on or near the 1st of April. The names will be put to membership vote at the April 15th Annual Meeting.

Events and Meetings: Ray summarized the upcoming meetings and events –

  1. March 29 – Snowmass post-trip party

  2. April 6 - Balkans post-trip party

  3. April 15 – Annual Meeting. Party room in condominium building of Reg and Jean Heitchue. A volunteer committee is organizing the food and beverages.

  4. April 20 – Sun Valley post-trip party

  5. April 22 – Excom meeting. Hosts – Dave and Marsha Warthen

  6. May 2 – Mid Atlantic Ski/Travel Show. Marriott Hotel. North Bethesda. 7-9:30 pm.

  7. May 17 – All day BRSC meeting. Maggiano’s. Tyson Corner, VA.

  8. May 20 – Monthly meeting at home of Edith Rabinovitz’s daughter.

  9. June 17 – Monthly meeting. Hosts - Carolyn and David Callaway.

Charlie, Bob Marx, and Dave Lerner will most likely attend the May 17 BRSC meeting.

Ray had looked into the possibility of another springtime Williamsburg event. After talking with the hosts, he concluded that “it’s not going to happen this year”.

It was generally agreed that the January and February monthly meetings would be held on Sunday afternoons again next year (2009). A 2 pm starting time is recommended.

2008 Trip Attendance: Charlie presented the figures for membership participation in this year’s PVS led ski trips. The data pertains to four trips all conducted in the winter of 2008.

Location Leaders PVS members Guests

Snowmass (1/17-1/24) D & C DeVilbiss 38 1

Wisp (1/23-1/25) Pat Vagonis 6 1

Sun Valley (2/9-2/16) R & N McKinley 29 10

Balkans (3/2-3/13) K & M Hines 14 5

A total of 58 members participated in one or more PVS trips in 2008. With the membership at 174, this represents 33% of the membership. The percentage is down from previous years. Of the 58 members who did go on trips, ten went on two trips and two went on three trips (Bob and Jan Marx!).

The decline in participation was attributed to the aging of the membership. A suggestion was made to raise the upper limit on membership from 200 to 225. However, with the current membership of 174, Excom agreed that the 200 maximum was not the obstacle.

Ski Season 2008-2009: Bob provided a preview of possible trips for next year. Another January Snowmass trip led by D & C DeVilbiss has already been approved. The Ski Trip Committee (STC) has received a proposal for a February trip to Park City, Utah. It is being co-sponsored by Rosemary Schwartsbard and Ellie Thayer. In a departure from the usual format of PVS trips, this one would be part of an Elder Hostel trip. In addition to skiing, there would be 3 meals/day, exercise classes, and potentially an educational component. In its current form, members would arrange their own transportation. Excom felt that there might be an advantage financially to arranging group travel. Bob will suggest this to Rosemary and Ellie.

Finally, a March 13-22 Taos Trip may be in the works with Liz Warren-Boulton and Joe Jevcak as leaders.

Excom was pleased to have new people making trip proposals. (Ray and Nancy will get a well-deserved rest).

This year’s trip evaluation form included a query about opening the Club to snow sports in addition to skiing. The response was overwhelmingly positive. There were 5 opposed.

Dave Lerner submitted minor changes to the Membership section of the By-laws that essentially broaden the reach of the Club. The new wording puts facility in snow sports on equal footing with skiing as an entrance criterion for the Club. The proposed revisions will be published in the April TOOT and voted on at the April meeting.

Excom thanked Bob Knopes and Dave Lerner for their contributions of the last two years. Three new members will be coming in April.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 pm.

Minutes submitted by Mary Beale, Secretary.