Minutes – PVS Excom Meeting – May 27, 2008

The meeting was held at the home of the Marx’s. Present were Mary Beale, David Callaway, Kerry Hines, Dick Laeser, Sue Lyon, Carolyn Maurer-DeVilbiss, Bob and Jan Marx, Ray McKinley, Ruth Powers, Mike Strand, Dottie Villers, and David Warthen.

Minutes from the April 22nd meeting were approved.

Dick Laeser distributed the latest (5-27-08) Treasurer’s Report. The current overall balance is $12,599.74. Dick recently added $2000 to the checking account from the savings account to maintain flexibility.

Dave Warthen provided the Membership Report. “Our membership stays at 175.” Dave said that an individual (Angie Hale) who withdrew her application last year recently requested a new one. Dave said that there were 28 Charter Members of the Club. (Subsequently updated to 32.) Five Charter Members are deceased. (Subsequently updated to six after learning of Bill Stecher’s death). Eight of the original group are active members of the Club.

Carolyn asked Excom if individuals who allow their membership to lapse need to repeat the application process in order to rejoin. The response was that they only need to pay the appropriate dues.

Dave W. suggested offering some type of incentive for people to join the Club. “We’re at 175 and we’re having trouble getting up to 200.” Mike proposed that a portion of dues be waived for new individuals signing up for a trip. Carolyn felt that these steps might be unnecessary. She reminded Excom that last year three people applied for membership so that they could go on the Snowmass trip.

A procedural question was asked about an applicant who has signed up for the 2009 Snowmass trip. The applicant would like to bring her husband. It was suggested that the applicant change her membership status from single to couple. Ruth asked it the individuals realized that once a couple applies, they don’t both have to meet all the entrance criteria. “Isn’t that an unwritten rule,” added Carolyn. “Yes,” agreed Mike and Ray.

Ray updated the event schedule for the coming months:

June 12th – Old Time Music Hall featuring The British Players at the Kensington Palace

of Variety. Betty Lawrence is the organizer.

June 17th – Monthly meeting at the Callaway’s

June 24th – Excom Meeting at Ruth Powers’

July 22nd – Conference call Excom Meeting. (This reduces travel and meeting expenses.

Teleconferencing is economical – 3.7 cents per minute per person toll free

And 2.7 cents per minute per person on a local call.)

August 1st – Evening at Wolf Trap. Rodgers and Hammerstein at the Movies featuring

The National Symphony Orchestra with soloists. Dottie is the organizer.

Twelve people have signed up already. A potluck picnic (using recipes

from the Wolf Trap Picnic Cookbook) on theater grounds will precede the

show. Tickets will be $38 ($34.20 group ticket for the performance and

$3.80 for picnic expenses). In case of rain, the picnic will be at Dottie’s


August 23rd – Picnic at the Heitchue’s Annapolis/Bay home. The hosts will provide

shish kebabs. Guests will be asked to bring a salad, appetizer, or dessert.

Reg has suggested a rain date of August 24th. There is some concern about

the success of rain dates. Mike suggested leaving it up to the Heitchue’s.

Mary will be the point person for keeping track of who is going and the

dish each person will bring.

Ray asked Excom to make a decision regarding the annual All Trips Party (ATP). Several members were in favor of the event. Some had real concerns about its role, if any, in enhancing trip participation. In addition attendance last year was low (16 attended). Some cited at least the potential of picking up a few more trip goers. Carolyn views the ATP as an opportunity for people to meet other people who are going on the same trip as well. Traditionally the ATP has been held in July. After August 1st the trips are opened to individuals outside the Club. Dottie said that she would be willing to have the event at her home. Again attendees will be expected to bring an appetizer, salad, or dessert. The date was tentatively set for July 12th. “Let’s give it one more try,” said Mike.

Mike will have information for Jan about the Strathmore Outdoor Concert Series to go in TOOT. The concerts are held on Wednesday evenings and are free. He and Eloise frequently attend and welcome fellow PVSers.

October 26th - Leonard Bernstein’s Mass at the Kennedy Center. David Abraham

purchased a block of tickets at a group rate ($55 versus the regular $59)

and may be able to obtain more.

Bob Marx reported that the three ski trips planned for 2009 are still on track. The BRSC announced its trips (Keystone and Darvos, Switzerland) at its recent meeting that Bob attended.

Bob and Jan will be away from mid June until mid September. Nevertheless they plan to put out both the June and July issues of TOOT. (Amazing!) Jan said that if the need arose for an emergency hot mail during their absence that Dave W. would be able to expedite it. Marvin Hass has volunteered again to be the guest editor for the late summer issues. Marvin has suggested a combined August/September issue that would be rolled out in mid August. The idea takes into consideration the relative seasonal slowdown in Club activities as well as the need to publicize events beginning in early September. Jan suggested including Marvin in the emails about the July Excom Meeting.

Proposed Ad for TOOT: A PVS couple has a time-share in Vail, Colorado that they are trying to sell. In the meantime they would like to rent it out. They have asked to run an ad in TOOT. The dates the condominium is available coincide with the Park City trip. The Park City trip leaders have been consulted and do not mind. Ray reminded Excom that ads have been run in TOOT before. Someone asked if a fee would be charged to place the ad. “No, it’s a service to our members”

Minutes submitted by Mary Beale, Secretary