Minutes – PVS Excom Meeting – August 19, 2008


The meeting was held at the home of David and Carolyn Maurer DeVilbiss.  Present were Mary Beale, David Callaway, Marvin Hass, Dick Laeser, Dave Lerner, Sue Lyon, Carolyn Maurer-DeVilbiss, Ray McKinley, Ruth Powers, Mike Strand, Dottie Villers, and David Warthen.

Minutes from the July 22nd conference call meeting were approved as corrected.

Dick Laeser reported that there had been little treasury activity in the last month.  The current balance is $12,059.31.  The Club has renewed its status as a Virginia corporation.  Since it is not a moneymaking enterprise, it does not pay taxes.

Dave Warthen provided a current Membership Report.  There are a total of 176 members including 138 active members.  Asked about the distinction between founding members and charter members, Dave explained that there were 8 founding members who actually started the Club.  These 8 individuals became charter members and opened the Club to 24 other charter members. 

Dave distributed an updated PVS Roster electronically to the membership on 7/31/08.


Ray briefly outlined the events and meetings scheduled for the months ahead:

August 23 – picnic at Reg and Jean Heitchue’s Annapolis home.

September 13 – Crab fest at Betty Lawrence’s home. RSVP by 9/9/08.

September 16 – Monthly meeting at the Leonhardt’s

September 23 – Excom meeting at Mary Beale’s

October 21 – Monthly meeting at the Waddick’s

October 26 – Kennedy Center performance of Leonard Bernstein’s “Mass”.  David    

                      Abraham brought this opportunity to the attention of the Club.  He provided

                      tickets at the group rate to interested members.  They were mailed out after

                      his death.

October 29 – Frank Shelburne hike.  Sally Finan will be leading a 4-mile hike at Seneca

                      Creek Park followed by lunch at Café Mileto.

November – an open house at the McKinley’s Lake Anna home.


Ski Trip Information:  Carolyn reported that the Snowmass trip (1/15-22/09) has about 5 rooms left.  Marvin will mention in TOOT that space is still available.  Information about the trip is now available on the BRSC website.  Dave Lerner provided assistance in establishing a smooth Link.

Delta has increased the charge for a 2nd checked bag to $50 each way.  Travelers may prefer to rent their skis or ship them in advance.  Mike suggested looking into how much it costs to rent skis. Some may choose to take their boot bag on the plane as their carry on luggage to keep costs down.

Tahiti cruise:  Ray noted an error in the original date.  It is 5/28/09 (not 5/29/09).  The return date is correct (6/12/09).  Ray also emphasized that the quoted costs include a $1000 early booking discount and the cruise company is not saying when the deadline is.


The BRSC will be meeting on September 27th in Richmond.  Charlie Huggins and Bob Marx are potential PVS attendees.  The spring BRSC meeting is on track to be hosted by PVS.  Planning entails lining up a venue for an all day meeting for 30-40 people to include breakfast and lunch.  A deposit will be needed to reserve the location.  Bob Marx, Dave Lerner, and Dick Comerford have emerged as the most qualified individuals to oversee the event.  Mike asked Dave Lerner to confirm with Bob and Dick that they are on board. The BRSC needs to know that PVS plans to choose the location and coordinate the meeting.

Other Business: Dave Lerner is concerned that the Club logo – a snowflake with skis – is illegible when downsized on the computer.  Ideally the Club would have a logo that was visible at 90 pixels.

The July 12th All Trips Party was described as well attended.  Dottie estimated that there were 22 or 23 people present.  “It was a good party.  Everyone had a good time.”

Ray proposed holding the January and February monthly meetings on Sundays again this year.  Excom concurred.  The starting hour will be moved back from 1 to 2 pm in response to members’ suggestions.

Last year PVS manned a booth at the National Ski Expo held at Dulles (11/9-11/07).  Attendance at the event was disappointing.  The Club is hesitant about signing on again if in fact it is going to be held this fall.

The numbers for the year’s monthly meeting attendance are as follows:

January         21M, 1G

February       14M, 1 Ap

March           34M, 1 Ap, 1G

April             42M, 5 Ap, 1G (a total of 52 were present by head count)

May              32M, 2 Ap

June              21M, 1 Ap


Minutes submitted by Mary Beale, secretary


In an email received a few days after the August Excom meeting, Sara Huggins provided attendance figures for the last three All Trips Parties:

Year                Attendance                 Location

2008                    34                           home of Sally Finan and George Welty

2007                    23                           home of Marianne and Kerry Hines

2006                    37                           home of Marianne and Kerry Hines

Although no one is officially assigned to record the number of attendees at non-meeting events, it’s customary to include the figure in the write-up for TOOT.