Minutes – PVS Excom Meeting – September 16, 2008

The meeting was convened following the business session of the regular monthly meeting that was held at the Leonhardt’s. The main reason for the Excom meeting was to begin a conversation about how the Club would fill in for the duties previously performed by Bob and Jan Marx. The Marx’s had recently informed the Club that they would be resigning their roles due to unexpected illness. As Editor of TOOT, Jan was responsible for the monthly publication of the newsletter. Bob assisted Jan with this. In addition Bob served as Leader of the Ski Trip Committee and backup person for Dave Lerner in overseeing the Club website.

Present at the meeting were Mary Beale, Dave Callaway, Dave Lerner, Carolyn Maurer-DeVilbiss, Ray McKinley, Ruth Powers, Mike Strand, Dottie Villers, and David Warthen.

Mike confirmed that Marvin Hass has agreed to put out the October TOOT. This year as in other years, Marvin has been guest Editor for some of the summer issues. Marvin has sent out an email enumerating the steps involved in the newsletter publication. “There are a lot of ins and outs about getting this done,” said Mike. “The Marx’s created a base version of TOOT in Microsoft Word,” added Ray. Dave Warthen reminded Excom that the PVS database he maintains has information on how each member receives TOOT. There are 53 Club members who receive TOOT by mail. The Marx’s made the address labels for the mailings. A suggestion was made to change TOOT publication to every other month. However, the prevailing view was that TOOT should continue on a monthly schedule. As one member put it, “TOOT is the heart of the Club”.

The Club will need to identify potential TOOT Editors. Volunteers and suggestions are welcomed.

The Club anticipates hosting the spring BRSC meeting. Dave Lerner said that he has done some legwork already and has a decent head start. Dave expressed concern about the new vacancy in the fallback person for the website. Ruth Powers volunteered to fill in for Bob.

Dottie Villers volunteered to host the October Excom at her home.

Minutes submitted by Mary Beale, Secretary