Minutes - PVS Excom Meeting – September 23, 2008

The meeting was held at the home of Mary Beale. Present were Mary Beale, David Callaway, Marvin Hass, Kerry Hines, Dick Laeser, Dave Lerner, Sue Lyon, Carolyn Maurer-DeVilbiss, Ruth Powers, Mike Strand, Dottie Villers, and Dave Warthen.

Minutes for the 8-19-08 Excom meeting were approved as corrected.

Dick Laeser submitted the Treasurer’s Report. The current balance is $11,913.66.

Dave Warthen said that he and Marvin Hass had been strategizing about TOOT. In an earlier email, Marvin had outlined the responsibilities of the TOOT Editor as they were performed by the Marx’s and by Marvin when he served as guest Editor. They fall into four main categories. First there is the creation of the newsletter itself from contributions of the officers, trip leaders, and members. Historically this has been done on Microsoft Word. This version is then converted to pdf and plain text versions (for the body of an email or for an attachment) to meet the varying needs of the online membership. The final four electronic versions are emailed to the appropriate recipients. The Marx’s used the AOL email address book software. Recently Marvin has used files created by Dave Warthen. Noting that he maintains an accurate PVS database in his role on the membership committee, Dave has offered to assume the electronic distribution of TOOT. Currently 98 members receive an email version of TOOT [as pdf, Word, Emb. Txt, or Text (Att.)]. Marvin has suggested that two electronic versions would suffice. For those members who are not online or who prefer the traditional paper edition, a printed version of TOOT is sent through the USPS. The Marx’s made copies at Staples and inserted them into envelopes using address labels that they had run off the computer. Marvin takes the pdf file to a nearby Print Shop that makes the copies and inserts them into preaddressed envelopes. TOOT is mailed to 53 members, 38 of whom have email addresses while 15 have no email address. The Club is looking for a volunteer(s) to assume the mailing tasks. These would include securing the copies, placing them into envelopes, addressing, stamping, and sealing the envelopes, and sending the envelopes off in the mail.

In a recent email Dave Warthen referred to his current functions on the Membership Committee. These include responsibility for the biannual electronic and USPS PVS membership renewal, quarterly distribution of the PVS roster, and maintaining an accurate and current PVS database. In addition to helping with the electronic distribution of TOOT, Dave has offered to assume Hotline mailings while the Marx’s are away.

Club membership remains stable. Dave Warthen has tried to contact the individuals he previously sent applications to but has not heard back from them. Two of them now have unavailable email addresses. Kerry Hines suggested involving their PVS sponsors.

Mike outlined the events and meetings that lie ahead. He and his wife Eloise have offered to host the October 21st monthly meeting. Eloise has also volunteered to oversee refreshments for the November 18th meeting if it is held at the Ski Center. Mike has received preliminary approval from Brian Eardley. For years Brian has critiqued the latest ski equipment available at the Ski Center for the Club usually at a fall meeting. Last year was the first time that the Club convened at the Ski Center for the presentation. It went very well.

While changes may still occur, the projected events schedule is as follows:

October 18 Segway Tour of Gettysburg Battlefield led by Barbara Leonhardt

October 21 Meeting at Mike and Eloise Strand’s

October 26 Performance of Bernstein’s “Mass” at the Kennedy Center

October 28 Excom Meeting at Dottie Villers’

October 29 Frank Shelburne Hike at Seneca Creek State Park led by Sally Finan

Nov 15 Open House at McKinley’s Lake Anna home

Nov 18 Meeting at the Ski Center

Dec 9 Excom Meeting

Ski Trip information: The Snowmass (Jan 15-22) trip is still in need of a single male to share a room. Carolyn asked that a notice be posted in TOOT.

Tahiti cruise (May28-June12): Ray and Nancy McKinley will be Reg Heitchue’s co leaders for the Tahiti trip. Ray would like to apply for BRSC sanction of the trip. Dave Lerner offered to look into it.

TOOT management: The publication of TOOT was discussed at length. Mike felt that the Club should plan on providing editors for at least six months while Jan and Bob Marx are on medical leave. Mike suggested breaking the task down into two month (two issue) stints. Marvin was asked how much time it took to put out an issue. “About two full days,” he estimated. Most of the content is provided by members. “ I select the font and headlines. Some like to use clip art. I add photos.” Marvin said that there were tricks of the trade with respect to photos. In general he feels it’s better not to include them if they have to be filed down.

Dottie Villers volunteered to try her hand as Editor beginning with the November issue.

Mike, Dave Lerner, and Dick Comerford will be attending the fall BRSC meeting in Richmond on September 27th. They will carpool. Excom approved by voice vote a motion to reimburse them 35cents/mile for the trip.

Dave Lerner and Dick Comerford will be coordinating the spring BRSC meeting on behalf of PVS. Dave has reserved space at a Best Western in Fairfax for the occasion. The meeting falls on May 2nd, 2009.

Ski Trip Committee (STC) Leader: Suggestions were made for an interim STC leader while Bob Marx is away. Mike noted that last year the STC was able to conduct business exclusively by email and telephone.

Winter meetings: Excom would like to hold the January and February monthly meetings on Sunday afternoons for the second year. To avoid conflicting with scheduled ski trips, the meetings will fall on Sunday, January 25th, and Sunday, February 15th. A 2 pm starting time has been recommended.

Reimbursement for non-meeting events: On August 23rd, Reg and Jean Heitchue hosted a picnic at their Annapolis home. The event was well attended. Guests contributed $6 per person towards the beverages and shish kebabs. The sum was considerably lower than the costs assumed by the hosts. Mary Beale who helped organize the event has asked Excom to partially reimburse the Heitchue’s by giving them a check for $50. In discussing the request, the general feeling among Excom members was that hosts should try to charge what an event will cost. There was concern too about setting a precedent. “I expect everyone who does these things assumes some loss,” said one member. “We don’t want to penalize someone for running an event,” cautioned Mike. A motion for the Club to give $50 to the Heitchue’s was approved by voice vote.

Minutes submitted by Mary Beale, Secretary