Minutes – PVS Excom Conference Call Meeting – February 17, 2009

The meeting was held by conference call. Those who participated were Mary Beale, David Callaway, Kerry Hines, Dick Laeser, Sue Lyon, Carolyn Maurer- DeVilbiss, Ray McKinley, Mike Strand, Dottie Villers, and David Warthen.

Minutes from the January 27th Excom conference call meeting were approved as corrected.

The Treasurer’s Report showed an addition of $16.91 which represented interest from the Savings Account. The combined Checking and Savings Account balance is $11,640.52.

Dave Warthen presented the Membership Report. ”Kerry Hines did the February issue of TOOT admirably,” said Dave. Dave sent out the electronic versions of TOOT. Carolyn and Dave DeVilbiss mailed printed copies to the appropriate members (42). On February 1st Dave electronically distributed the quarterly updated PVS Roster to 129 PVS members. He also sent an Excel version to selected members because of their particular duties in the Club. For the first time, Dave provided an Excel version of the entire PVS database as an offsite backup for the PVS President. This could be used by succeeding Membership Records Chairs if necessary or by Dave if his computer malfunctions. Dave continues to accommodate requests from members to send out relevant information by hotline and appropriate meeting reminders by email. He also alerted the PVS webmaster to the fact that the name of William R. Brown needs to be added to the website’s Charter Member List. He has forwarded electronic versions of the historical Fett and Beale Washington Post articles to be posted on the website.

Recently Dave has sent out invitations to join PVS to John and Barb Holt of Virginia (friends of Melissa Fitzgerald), Larry and Carma Sands of Ohio (friends of Sharon Mulholland), and Nancy Gitberlet of Virginia (friend of Rosemary Schwartzbard). It’s anticipated that applicant members Louann and Bob Eadie, Angie Hale, and Ingrid Dallaire will have satisfied the requirements for full membership by the time of the Annual Meeting in April. The status of Applicant Members Jessica and Daniel Wellwood is less clear.

Carolyn asked Excom for permission to put an ad about the 2010 Snowmass trip in the March TOOT. The trip has been approved. She and David who will be leading the trip again need some revenue for deposit money. They have been told that the lodging price will be the same as last year. Deposits are fully refundable until 8/1/09. Ray noted that the problem with only advertising one trip is that it may be misunderstood that there will only be one trip. Dave W. suggested inserting a statement to the effect that information on other trips will be forthcoming. The request for placing a Snowmass ad in the March TOOT was approved.

Events and Meetings:

March 17 Monthly meeting (Sally Finan) April 28 Excom (Carolyn M-D)

March 24 Excom (Dave Warthen) May 2 BRSC meeting (PVS hosting)

April 21 Annual Meeting (Sherri & Tom McKenna)

Ray has learned that the Chinese are sending over about 20 of their signature soldier figures for exhibit. They will be displayed at the National Geographic building. Ray has been in touch with the Eadies who actually purchased and transported one of the impressive but very large and very heavy statues to place in their Virginia living room after a trip to China. The Eadies are willing to organize a Club tour of the exhibit. Additional information should be forthcoming.

Ski-Trip Status: The Park City trip begins soon (February 22-28). The Taos trip follows (March 13-21). April 15th is the deadline for ski trip proposals for next year. Dottie is exploring the possibility of leading a PVS contingent on the BRSC trip to South Lake Tahoe next year. Carolyn and David are at Heavenly in South Lake Tahoe now and could pick up some information for Dottie.

Tahiti Trip (May28-June12): Ray reports that there are still 4 to 5 slots available. The early sign-up bonus of $1000 is probably going to end pretty soon.

The March TOOT deadline is March 3rd. Mike S will be the Editor. David and Carolyn Callaway will be writing up the Park City trip. Mike plans to include May 2nd in the list of events. This is the date for the BRSC meeting that PVS is hosting. It will be held at the Best Western in Fairfax. Jan Marx has kindly agreed to be TOOT Editor in April and Dave Warthen in May. During the summer there is usually a June TOOT and a combined July/August TOOT. Marvin Hass has stepped in in the past as the summer Editor. Mike will discuss the possibility with him.

Other Business: On a recent viewing of the Club website, it was noted that there were deficiencies in keeping it up to date. Many photos and events were quite old. Some of the monthly minutes were not posted. Recent Club Presidents and Excom members were not listed. Several links on the website’s photo gallery were inoperative. Key words that a search engine looks for aren’t present. Mike S said that it was important to maintain things on an ongoing basis. He suggested that members reflect on the situation and brain storm about it at the next Excom meeting.

Minutes submitted by Mary Beale, secretary