Minutes – PVS Excom Meeting – August 25, 2009

The meeting was held at the home of John Seabold and Donna Hambric. Present were Mary Beale, Kerry Hines, Cara Jablon, Sue Lyon, Dick Laeser, Dave Lerner, Ray McKinley, Rosemary Schwartzbard, John Seabold, Ellie Thayer, and Dottie Villers.

The minutes of the July 28th Excom meeting were approved as corrected.

Dick Laeser distributed the Treasurer’s Report. Another wave of membership dues resulted in a $1075 deposit. The current Club Savings +Checking Account balance is $14,463.42. Dottie mentioned two recent money related developments. Flowers were purchased by the Club for Sally Finan’s funeral service which was held on August 15th. Contributions to the Wolf Trap picnic+multimedia show on August 19th exceeded costs by $27. Dottie proposed dividing the sum up among the participants which would come to a $1 refund per person. Excom felt that Dottie who organized the event should retain the $27. Ray complimented Dottie on the food at the picnic. “It was unbelievable…no potato chips or hot dogs…everybody had just unbelievably healthy food.” Members brought dishes that they had prepared in advance.

“By the way,” continued Ray, “the PVS By-laws say that we cover the cost of Excom food and drink up to $150.” Dick Laeser estimated that 75-80% of meeting hosts request reimbursement from the Treasury. “It should be 100%,” advised Dottie.

The Membership Report was distributed electronically in advance of the meeting. Dave Warthen continues to send out the electronic versions of TOOT and most recently the August ’09 PVS News Update edited by Marvin Hass. He prepared and distributed the electronic version of the updated quarterly PVS Roster on August 1st. As of August 22nd, Dave has received membership renewals from 115 individuals (65.7% of the Club) with 60 members still in arrears. The deadline for renewal for 2009-2011 is October 31st, 2009.

Events and Meetings:

September 11 – Wilson Bridge bike/hike and lunch: (Schwartzbard)

September 15 – Monthly Meeting (Leonhardt)

September 22 – Excom meeting (Mary Beale)

October 18 – Oktoberfest (Dottie Villers & Louann Eadie)

October 20 – Monthly Meeting (Mary Beale)

October 22 – Frank Shelburne hike – Burke Lake (Marty Rine)

Rosemary reported that about 15 people have confirmed that they will be going on the Wilson Bridge hike/bike ride on September 11th. She’s hoping for a nice day. Lunch is planned at McCormick and Schmick’s at the National Harbor. A notice will go into the September TOOT.

Oktoberfest will be held on Sunday October 18th at Louann Eadie’s home with Louann and Dottie as hosts. The change in venue followed Sally Finan’s unexpected death from a heart attack on August 6th. Sally had volunteered to host Oktoberfest and lead the Frank Shelburne Memorial hike. Ray has arranged for Marty Rine to lead the hike which will be around Burke Lake in Fairfax, Va. Lunch will follow at the ‘Heart in Hand’ restaurant in Clifton. Originally scheduled for October 21st, the date has been changed to October 22nd at 9:45 am.

New members Barbara and John Holt have indicated that they would like to host a meeting in the future.

Ski Trip Committee: In an email to Excom members on August 12th, Rosemary forwarded the Ski Trip Guidelines (STG) with the new Liability Waiver (approved by Excom on 6-23-09) referenced in section 3.2 g and presented in its entirety in Attachment 6. Rosemary thanked Dave Lerner for his help on the document and for adding Attachment 6 to the STG’s on the Club’s website.

“We’re going to have to start in the fall looking for trip leaders for 2011,” said Rosemary. Dave Lerner thought that February was the appropriate time to approach people. Ray recommended October. Dave L. agreed but added “remind them in February”. Rosemary hopes that fellow Excom member John Seabold and Donna will consider leading a trip. “I’ll talk to the Holt’s and to Louann (Eadie), the McKinley’s, and Kerry (Hines),” said Rosemary. She asked Kerry to think about something exotic for 2011.

With respect to this year’s ski trips, 8 people have signed up for Steamboat Springs in December and 12 for Bormio, Italy in March. Dottie who is leading a trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming in February with Marty Rine reported that 24 people have paid among a total of 32 who have said that they are going. At this point 20 people have signed up for the Snowmass trip in January. Co-leaders Carolyn and Dave DeVilbiss would like to get a few more people.

Dottie said that she is thinking about a membership drive. She encouraged Excom members to look for young skiing enthusiasts. Dave Lerner noted that most of the referrals that PVS receives originate from the BRSC web page. “Even if the trips are full, it gets people talking to us,” said Dave. The Bormio trip is currently listed on the BRSC trip page. Rosemary is going to review the site to make sure that the PVS trips are listed.

Schedule for TOOT Editorship: Dave Warthen will be editor of TOOT in September and October, Kerry Hines in November and December, and Mike Strand in January and February. The deadline for the September TOOT is August 27th.

Other Business:

Mid-week and non-ski trip events coordinator – Dottie has talked with several people about this position but so far there have been no takers. She is now considering a co-leadership.

PVS 45th Anniversary Dinner (2010) – “I’ve had much better luck here,” said Dottie. She thinks that Rachel Abraham will participate in the capacity of her choice. Both Suzanne Boisclair and Betty Lawrence have agreed to serve on the planning committee. Ray has signed on as well. The first committee meeting is tentatively scheduled for September.

Minutes submitted by Mary Beale, secretary