Minutes –PVS Excom Conference Call Meeting – January26, 2010

The meeting was held by conference call. Those who were able to participate included Mary Beale, Cara Jablon, Dick Laeser, Sue Lyon, Ray McKinley, Ellie Thayer, Dottie Villers, and Liz Warren-Boulton.

Minutes from the December 8, 2009 Excom meeting were approved as corrected.

Dick Laeser summarized the latest Treasury Report. The last of the membership dues ($860) were deposited in December. The current combined checking and savings account balance comes to $14,950.49.

Dave Warthen provided the Membership Report electronically. Some nonmembers who were on the recent Snowmass trip have expressed interest in joining the Club. Someone who found the Club through the Internet telephoned Dottie yesterday to ask about the Jackson Hole trip. They will all receive applications as well as complimentary copies of TOOT for three months.

Events & Meetings:

Jan 26 – Excom conference call Meeting Feb 28 – monthly meeting (Holt’s)

Jan 30 – Jackson Hole pre-trip party Mar 24 – Hexagon Show (Congressional Night)

Feb 13 – Mardi Gras Ball Aug 26 to 29 – Finger Lakes Trip

Feb 23 – Excom conference call Meeting Nov – 45th Anniversary Gala

The club learned of the Mardi Gras Ball from Liz Warren-Boulton and Joe Jevcak. Liz and Joe have attended the annual event which is held at the Kena Ballroom in Fairfax for several years. There is live music and dancing. Costumes are optional. Interested individuals can reserve seating at their table. The admission fee is $25 per person in advance, $30 per person at the door. Liz said that she would send the details to Mike Strand for publication in the February TOOT. The event was given PVS approval.

The February 23rd Excom conference call meeting will utilize the same call- in number (1-800-444-2801) and conference code number (8554329) as this evening’s meeting.

The Holts are hosting the February 28th monthly meeting. It falls on a Sunday and will begin at 2 pm. Dottie will remind the Holts to submit directions to their home for inclusion in TOOT.

Ray provided some background information on the Hexagon show. Presented annually, it offers timely and entertaining political satire. It is in a new venue this year: the Performing Arts Center of Montgomery College. The theater is near the Silver Spring metro station. Traditionally PVS has attended on “Congressional Night “when local politicians participate. Tickets sell for $30 per person ($25 for groups of 20 or more). Dottie volunteered to help organize the Club’s attendance this year. Ray will provide a notice for TOOT.

The Finger Lakes trip August 26-29 has 12 people signed up already. There is room for 20. Vintners and associate members David and Susan Payne will be hosts of the scenic tour of the wine country. Visits to several wineries, group meals, a boat ride on Seneka Lake, and chartered bus transportation are all being planned.

The first meeting of the 45th anniversary gala committee will be held on February 2nd. Several locations for the event have been suggested including the Ft. Myer Officers Club and the meeting site (Bolger Center) of the 40th anniversary party. Ray suggested that committee members come armed with information about room availability, prices, bar access etc regarding the various locations.

Ski Trip Committee (STC): Rosemary summarized recent STC activities in an email. She reported that the overall rating of the December 2009 trip to Steamboat led by Dick and Betty Comerford was “Excellent”. Similarly individuals on the January 13-20 Snowmass trip led by Carolyn and Dave De Vilbiss gave it an “Excellent” as well. All participants said that they would go on another ski trip if led by the same individuals. There have been discussions about returning to Mountain Chalet again next year perhaps at a lower lodging fee.

Rosemary put forth the names of 5 STC members to serve for another year (Rosemary-Chair, Eloise Strand, Sharon Mulholland, Polli Brunelli, and David Lerner). Shirley Rettig retired from the committee. The STC “serves at the discretion of the President who, with input from the Excom, reconsiders the appointments annually”. Excom approved the committee as proposed.

A PVS trip to WISP was discussed by some of the members at the January 24th monthly meeting. This year WISP is offering a Midweek Madness package with prices starting at $59 per person/night (includes lodging for 1 night and a lift ticket for 1 day). While Charlie Huggins would like to go, no one has yet volunteered to lead the trip.

TOOT: Mike Strand is guest editor of the February TOOT. The deadline for filing is January 27th. Sue Lyon will be in charge of the snail mail. Dottie is looking for volunteers to assume these tasks in the months ahead.

Other Business:

Website changes committee – Dottie is assembling a committee to work on the Club’s website “not so much the technical aspects but the wording of it”. There is a sense that the website is missing words that might be instrumental in its being picked up in a computer search for area ski clubs.

Nominating committee – Dottie is also in the process of naming a Chair for this year’s nominating committee. The committee will be composed of 5 members plus a Chair. Its mission is to present a slate of officers for a vote by the general membership at the annual meeting in April. Several people Dottie has spoken to have been willing to serve on the committee but have declined the role of Chair.

Dick Laeser provided some follow up on the Club’s initiative to partner with local alumni clubs on ski trips. He submitted a proposal to the Board of Directors of his local (MIT) alumni club. There did not seem to be much interest. Dick will keep trying.

Minutes submitted by Mary Beale, secretary