Minutes – PVS Excom Meeting – September 28, 2010

The meeting was held at the home of Ellie Thayer and Jack Chapman. Present were Mary Beale, Cara Jablon, Dick Laeser, Jan Marx, Ray McKinley, Sharon Mulholland, Dick Schwartzbard, Rosemary Schwartzbard, and Ellie Thayer.

The July 27th Minutes were approved.

Dick Laeser distributed copies of the Treasurer’s Report plus attachments. He pointed out that income had been higher than usual because of checks coming in from members who will be attending the Club’s 45th Anniversary celebration. Since Excom has been discussing the extra cost of sending TOOT by snail mail, Dick drew up an itemized list of all Club expenses for the last 18 months ((1/09 – 7/10) . The Club spent a grand total of $3,164.14. A surprising 30% of the total or $942.80 went towards mailings of the USPS version of TOOT. The remaining $2221.34 was divided among Excom costs ($498.80 or 15.8%), monthly meeting costs ($480.08 or 15.2%), memorial contributions ($595.27 or 18.8%), and miscellaneous e.g. BRSC registration ($647.19 or 20.5%). Dick included a copy of the 2010 Annual Registration Fee Assessment Notice that the Club receives as a corporation of the state of Virginia. The fee is $25. In addition to paying the registration fee, Dick submitted the 2010 Annual Report on behalf of the Club. As Club treasurer, Dick is listed as the registered agent for PVS. Dick also provided the names and addresses of the Club’s current officers and Excom members in the report. For the last 3 years, Dick has been filing a 990-N form for the Club. “This is basically a tax return,” said Dick. It can only be submitted electronically. It is designed for tax-exempt organizations whose gross receipts are normally $25,000 or less.

Dick also provided a list of PVS members who have RSVP’d (and paid) for the 45th Anniversary party on November 6th. “Accurate as of this morning,” a total of 50 members will be attending. Collectively they have paid a total of $3266.

Dick’s thorough Treasurer’s Report was approved unanimously.

The Membership Report was distributed electronically by Membership Records Chair, Dave Warthen. There are presently 156 members in PVS. “We’re getting new people but we’re losing others.” In April 2010, there were 151 members. “We have about 50 members who ski occasionally,” said Rosemary.

Events and Meetings:

October 13 – Lunch at the Culinaire (Thayer) October 28- Grt Seneca Park Hike (Mulholland)

October 19 – Monthly Meeting (Jablons) November 6 – 45th Anniversary Gala, 6-10 pm

October 24 – Oktoberfest (Eadies) 2 pm November 16 – Monthly Mtg at the Ski Center

October 26 – Excom Meeting (conference call) December (TBA) – Excom Meeting (Brunelli)

There are 26 individuals signed up for lunch at the Culinaire, enough to reserve the room solely for the Club. Four of those attending are members of the Capital Golden skiers (CGS).

Ski Trip Committee: Rosemary spoke about the problem of dealing with elderly skiers who may become confused or disoriented in new surroundings. This has occurred on some PVS trips. When it does happen, it puts an unnecessary burden on the trip leaders. “We want people to ski,” said Rosemary, “but when there is a person like that, they must come (on the trip) with a companion.” Rosemary volunteered to address this with people where the concern exists. “If you know in advance, it’s better. But you don’t always know,”

The Club is still planning three ski trips this season- Keystone (12/11-18/10) led by Dick Comerford, Snowmass (1/19-26/11) led by Carolyn DeVilbiss and Sharon Mulholland, and Steamboat (2/17-23/11) led by Cara Jablon. The Snowmass trip has room for a single male. The Steamboat trip has 14 signed up which is enough to go forward. There is room for 10 more. The trip is posted on the BRSC website as well as on PVS’s website.

The BRSC fall meeting is being held at Maggiano’s at Tyson’s Corner on October 17th. The three people representing the Club will be Rosemary, Jan Marx, and Dave Lerner.

TOOT: Jan Marx is the October editor for TOOT. Dave Warthen will be the November editor. Sharon Mulholland and Barbara Leonhardt will oversee mailings for the 11 remaining members who receive their issues by snail mail. Jan volunteered to serve as editor of the December TOOT as well. “Thank you so much, you guys that do that (edit TOOT),” said Sharon.

Anniversary Gala: As of tonight, 56 people have signed up. The deadline is October 7th. Ex members have another week to reply. They will be paying a little more ($73 versus $65) because members are subsidizing the event. Ray said that the actual cost is $75-$85 per person which includes the wine. Although there will be a cash bar for cocktails, house wine will be available at each table. Ray believes that because of the disparity between the actual cost and the amount that is being collected, there will be a short fall of $800. He’d like to get a commitment from Excom to cover unmet costs for the gala. A motion was made to authorize the committee to spend up to $1500 as needed to meet expenses.

The motion passed unanimously.

During the entertainment segment of the evening, Marvin Hass will present slides from previous PVS trips and events. Jack Chapman will assemble recent photos that Ellie has taken over the last 5 years.

Ray asked for singers who could be part of the PVS chorus. Marianne Cook wrote a song about PVS that he hopes they can sing that night.

Emailing of TOOT – Since Excom’s decision to send TOOT electronically to every member with email, the number of individuals receiving TOOT by snail mail has declined from 36 to 11. “Dave Warthen has been going above and beyond to help the Club implement this,” said Sharon.

Promotions – Charlie Huggins has suggested that the Club print a promotional flier along the lines of the SCWDC that can be posted in various venues (e.g. the Ski Center). Excom discussed the idea and would support Charlie if he wanted to put something together.

Members have asked again if they can list items for sale in TOOT. Ray said that this question has come up half a dozen times in the past. It can be a service for the membership. Excom suggests limiting the “ads” to ski related things. Requests should be decided on an individual basis.

Submitted by Mary Beale, secretary