Minutes – PVS Excom Meeting – November 30, 2010

The meeting was held at the home of Polli and John Brunelli. Present were Mary Beale, John Brunelli, Cara Jablon, Jan Marx, Nancy and Ray McKinley, Rosemary and Dick Schwartzbard, and Ellie Thayer.

Minutes from the October 26th Excom conference call meeting were approved.

The Treasurer’s Report was provided electronically by Treasurer Dick Laeser. Dick wrote that the Treasury subsidy for the November 6th PVS Anniversary Gala will be in the ball park of $1037. Excom had anticipated a figure in the vicinity of $1000.

Dave Warthen filed his customary monthly membership report electronically. Dave was the editor for the November TOOT. He continues to write the popular Members’ Corner for the newsletter.

Events & Meetings:

December 14 – Holiday party/monthly meeting March 15 – Monthly Meeting (Marx)


January 11 – Excom Meeting (Schwartzbard) March 22 – Excom Meeting (Mulholland’s)

January 16 – Monthly Meeting 2 pm (Holt’s) April 19 – Annual Meeting (TBA)

February 9 – Excom conference call meeting April 26 – Excom Meeting (TBA)

February 27 – Monthly Meeting 2pm (Jablon’s) May 17 – Monthly Meeting (Knopes’)

Cara generously volunteered to host the February monthly meeting at her home. She will have returned from leading the Steamboat trip on February 23rd – “enough time to put away the skis”.

Ski Trip Committee: Rosemary reported that the December Keystone trip was reluctantly canceled because not enough people signed up. Dick and Betty Comerford will be going. Dick has said that if people want to go out, he will ski with them. The Snowmass trip (1/19-26/11) is “overflowing” with people (40 are signed up). The Steamboat trip (2/17-23/11) has 16 on board. “We’ve given up the remaining rooms and airline seats,” said Cara. “If someone called, I could look into it.”

“My biggest concern now is the following year,” said Rosemary. “Hopefully we’ll do Snowmass again. We’ve talked about Telluride.” Ray raised a concern about the high altitude in Telluride. Rosemary said that she would like to encourage participation in the 2012 BRSC European trip to Andorra. The cost is only $1800 which would cover air fare and accommodations at a 5 star hotel. The dates are March 4 to March 12. Rosemary would like to find someone to run a PVS arm for the trip. She pointed out that it’s the kind of trip that would appeal to PVS because it offers something for skiers and non-skiers alike. Judy Miller is running the trip for BRSC. “Ohhhhhh,” said Ray. She is said to have come up with the best package.

Rosemary will be soliciting ideas for trips in the January TOOT. It happens that the western BRSC trip in 2012 will be to Snowmass and will fall in the second week of February. Rosemary feels that as long as someone is willing to lead a trip to Snowmass that PVS should continue its own trip.

TOOT: Jan (Marx) will be editor of TOOT for December and January. She and Ellie will work out the deadlines for January. Ellie has taken on the job of assigning and collecting the articles for TOOT in order to make the editor’s job easier.

Old Business: The 45th Anniversary Gala at the Bolger Center was a great success. Two take-away messages - some felt that the ticket price of $65 per person was too high and some found that their steak entrée was on the tough side.

Nominating Committee Chair – Nancy McKinley was kind enough to volunteer to Chair this year’s Nominating Committee. Nancy attended tonight’s meeting to ask Excom to think about individuals who might serve as future officers. Rosemary volunteered to serve on the committee.

New Business: It was suggested that the combined Nov/Dec Excom meeting be conducted by conference call in the future. Excom felt that it would be up to the next Club President to decide. One member recommended more telephone meetings for Excom and omitting the August meeting. “We’re not the same club as 10 years ago.” As people age, it becomes more difficult to drive at night. It was argued that if the Club had fewer monthly meetings, attendance would be higher. Ray couldn’t shake the concern that “if people don’t know there’s a meeting the 3rd Tuesday of the month, attendance will fall through the floor.” However changing the January and February meetings from Tuesday nights to Sunday afternoons resulted in higher attendance figures.

A Club member wrote a letter to Sharon (Mulholland) inquiring about the extra dues money that has resulted from converting to electronic delivery of TOOT. The money remains in the Club Treasury.

Submitted by Mary Beale, secretary