Minutes – PVS Excom Conference Call Meeting – January 11, 2011

The meeting was held by conference call. Participants included Mary Beale, John Brunelli, Cara Jablon, Jan Marx, Sharon Mulholland, Dick and Rosemary Schwartzbard, John Seabold, Ellie Thayer, and Dave Warthen.

The November 30, 2010 Minutes were approved.

The Treasurer’s Report was distributed electronically by Treasurer, Dick Laeser. Dick reported a continued “stable and sustainable” pattern. The final figure for the amount provided by the Treasury to subsidize the 45th Gala Celebration was $1092.56 ($4271.00 as income vs. $5363.56 as expenses). The current balance in the Treasury is $12,616.36.

Rosemary shared the fact that members of SCWDC paid only $20 per person for attendance at their club’s 75th anniversary event. This is considerably lower than the $65 per person most PVS members paid for the 45th Anniversary Gala. The SCWDC’s dinner was held at P.J.Skidoos in Fairfax. In addition to dinner, there were free drinks, champagne, and a big band. The lower attendance fee suggests that the SCWDC generously subsidized the event. This is something PVS should keep in mind in planning its 50th anniversary celebration.

In his electronic membership report, Dave Warthen wrote that the Club currently has 157 members (11 applicant members, 19 absentee members, 6 associate members, 119 active members, and 2 honorary members).Dave continues to provide the Members Corner for TOOT as well as assistance in assembling and editing the newsletter. Dave noted that 5 charter members of the Club listed on the PVS website did not appear on the 45th Anniversary program. The individuals referred to are Susan Brown, Patricia Calef Cope, Charles Gordon, Morton Stimler, and Suzanne Stimler. All five individuals were identified as charter members on the 3x5 cards Dave inherited from Club member Marilyn Clark. Jan said that if Marilyn listed them as charter members, she would trust that. If that’s the case, the information on the PVS website is correct. Dave is looking into the charter status of former member Marianne Lehr Adams. Marianne was not noted as a charter member on Marilyn Clark’s file cards. However, she was listed as such in a previous Club roster.

Events & Meetings:

January 16 – monthly meeting 2 pm (Holts) March 22 – Excom meeting (Mulholland)

February 9 – Excom meeting (Schwartzbards) April 19 – Annual meeting (Heitchues’ party room)

February 27 – monthly meeting 2 pm (Jablons) April 26 – Excom meeting (host TBA)

March 15 – monthly meeting 7:30 pm (Marx)

Dick Schwartzbard volunteered to preside over the January 16th monthly meeting. Both Sharon and Ellie are unable to attend.

Rosemary suggested that we ask members to bring appetizers or desserts to the Annual meeting in April. Plastic utensils may also be needed. “And a cleanup crew,” added Ellie.

Ski Trip Committee – Rosemary noted that local skiing has picked up in the Club. A large PVS contingent (12-14 members) attended the Ski Center Demo Day at Whitetail Ski Resort in Mercersburg, PA on 1/5/11. Several members took advantage of the opportunity to test the latest ski equipment. Charlie Huggins will be leading a group to Whitetail on January 19th for the Ski Chalet Appreciation Day. Charlie and John Smith frequently ski at Liberty during the week and welcome interested PVS members to join them.

On January 19th an impressive 43 people will be convening at Snowmass for what has become an annual PVS ski trip. The Steamboat trip in February (2/17-23/11) is right on track. In 2012 the BRSC Euro fest will be in Andorra (3/4-12/12). Ray and Nancy McKinley have kindly volunteered to lead a PVS contingent there. They are considering add-ons to Barcelona and Madrid pre and post, respectively, the stay in Andorra. Rosemary would like PVS to have a January Snowmass trip again in 2012.

TOOT: Dave Warthen will be editor of the February TOOT. Ideally he should receive all submissions at least 2 days before publication. Ellie, who assembles the individual write-ups, would like them in 2 days before that or earlier if they are ready. John Brunelli volunteered to write up the Snowmass trip. “Lots of us will be taking pictures,” said Sharon. Dave said that he had a very interesting article for the February Members Corner. John Burgess will be describing a 2 day family hike in Glacier National Park. The trip, which marked his 80th year, fulfilled a promise he made to himself more than ten years earlier.

Old Business: The holiday party at the Mahallatis was a great success. Forty-six members, 2 applicant members, and 2 guests attended - a wonderful turnout.

New Business – a nominating committee has been assembled to propose a new slate of officers and Excom members for election at the Annual meeting in April. In addition to Nancy McKinley as Chair, the committee includes Rosemary Schwartzbard, Dottie Villers, Mike Strand, Kerry Hines, and Mary Beale. “Certainly if anyone wants to volunteer for anything, that would be nice,” said Sharon.

A number of applicant members may be voted in at the Annual meeting. There are 11 applicant members listed in Dave’s membership report. “I anticipate that all but three will qualify for membership,” said Dave.

Submitted by Mary Beale, secretary