Minutes – PVS Excom Conference Call Meeting – February 9, 2011

The meeting was held by conference call. Participants included Mary Beale, John Brunelli, Marvin Hass, Cara Jablon, Dave Lerner, Jan Marx, Sharon Mulholland, Rosemary and Dick Schwartzbard, John Seabold, Ellie Thayer, and Dave Warthen.

The minutes of the January 11th Excom meeting were approved.

In his 2/9/11 Membership Report, Dave Warthen listed the current applicant members for Excom’s consideration. Applicants who qualify for full membership will be presented at the April annual meeting for confirmation. Individuals in the applicant pool and their respective activity within the Club are:

Toni Govier – Attendance at 2 meetings (5/19/09 and 11/17/09). Enjoys skiing locally. Her sponsors have indicated that she does not seek a change in her status.

Elizabeth Stephens – Attendance at 2 meetings (4/20/10 and 7/17/10). Went on Snowmass trip in 2010 (before applying for membership) and again in 2011.

Laurene and Colin Church – Attended 2 or more meetings. Went on 2011 Snowmass trip.

Andra Duskie and Russell Billen – Attended 1 meeting. Excom felt that they were too early in the process for proposal this year.

Jannes Gibson - Went on Snowmass trip in 2011.

Nancy Cammarata – Went on Jackson Hole trip in 2010 (before applying for membership) and on the Snowmass trip in 2011.

Bing Van Nuys – Attended 2 meetings (10/19/10 and 11/16/10). Went on the Snowmass trip in 2011.

Bob Gleeson and Kathy Felmey – Attended 1 meeting (10/19/10) and the 45th Anniversary Gala. Went on Snowmass trip in 2011.

Eight of the eleven applicants (above) were endorsed by Excom for full membership.

Charter membership status of Marianne Lehr Adams: Dave Warthen reviewed the information available about one time PVS member, Marianne Adams. Marianne was listed as a Charter member (a member during the first year of the Club’s existence) in an old Club roster. Dave spoke recently with Marianne’s husband who could not say one way or the other. Marvin Hass recalled that Marianne was on the airplane flight in which the idea of the Club was first conceived. Marvin said “It wouldn’t surprise me if she had become a Charter member”. Larry Pease and other Charter members have been contacted but nothing definite has emerged. Dick Schwartzbard recommended adding Marianne’s name to the current roster. Debbie M. Smith is also in the same category as Marianne and will be added to the list of Charter members. “Making a mistake by including someone is probably better than leaving someone off.” Excom agreed. Dave will add their names to the list of Charter members on the Club’s website.

Events and Meetings:

February 13 – Steamboat Pre-trip brunch (Jablon’s) March 22 – Excom meeting (Mulholland)

February 27 – monthly meeting (Jablon’s) April 19 – Annual Meeting (Heitchue’s)

March 6 – Snowmass post-trip party (Mahallati’s) April 26 – Excom meeting (Schwartzbard)

March 15 – monthly meeting (Marx) May 17 – monthly meeting (Knopes)

Ski Trip Committee (STC): The group going to Steamboat will be leaving on February 17th. Rosemary reported that the recent plan for a WISP mid-week madness trip did not attract a lot of people. Organizer Sue Lyon may reschedule. Ray and Nancy McKinley will be leading the PVS contingent of the BRSC Andorra trip next year (3/3-12/12). The trip will include 2 nights in Barcelona followed by 7 nights at a 5-star hotel in Andorra. Ray and Nancy will be offering a 4 night post-trip extension to Madrid. Reservations are being taken now for what is already being viewed as a wonderful opportunity.

Sharon (Mulholland) and Carolyn (DeVilbiss) have agreed to lead a trip to Snowmass again next year (1/18-25/12). Guests will be staying at the familiar Snowmass Mountain Chalet. Evaluations from this year’s Snowmass trip have been described as “exuberant”. Rosemary will be in touch with Dick Comerford concerning the possibility of an early (December ’11) trip to Steamboat. She welcomes proposals. Ideas should be submitted by early March (to the STC). Detailed descriptions are needed by the end of April for review at the May Excom meeting.

TOOT – Marvin will be guest editor for the March TOOT. The February 27th monthly meeting will be the last Club event before publication. Marvin has kindly volunteered to do the write-up so that it will be available for the March issue. He is also going to take care of the snail mail for the March TOOT. Ellie (Thayer) has agreed to continue as deadline and proof editor of TOOT for another year. “A lot of the major work associated with TOOT is getting the write-ups assembled and reminding people,” said Marvin. We are all grateful to Ellie for her commitment and assistance.

New slate of officers: Nominating Chair Nancy McKinley has announced a new slate of officers for presentation at the annual meeting. The individuals are Cara Jablon (President), Jan Marx (Vice President), and Excom nominees Melissa Fitzgerald, John Holt, Reg Heitchue, and Dick Schwartzbard. Dick will be serving his second year. The names of the candidates will appear in the March TOOT. Traditionally the nominees provide a brief bio for inclusion in TOOT. Ellie will be assembling these.

Communication with Capital Golden Skiers (CGS): Sharon was invited to the most recent CGS planning meeting. She was unable to attend but in a telephone conversation with CGS president Don Vierimaa she was asked why PVS didn’t do more BRSC trips.”This is largely an issue for the trip leaders,” said Dave Lerner. Rosemary said that doing a trip with CGS would be wonderful. Every year CGS goes on two BRSC trips.”We’re doing a BRSC trip next year (Andorra) and hopefully in the future we’ll do more,” said Rosemary.

PVS website: Sharon recently surfed the PVS website. “I was hoping to see more photos and more recent write-ups of events and trips,” she said. Dave Warthen has taken it upon himself to suggest that members send their pictures to him and he would upload them. Sharon asked Dave (Warthen) and webmaster Dave Lerner to try to coordinate things. Dave Lerner said that he would write a short article about the website in general and the submission of photos in particular for the next TOOT. Guidelines for sharing pictures are available on the website. “Anyone who wants to send attachments with photos in an email can do that,” said Dave Lerner. The email should be addressed to photo@pvskiers.org. Dave asked that a separate email be sent to the webmaster to alert him that there are photos waiting. He encouraged members to provide captions and an overall title to help orient the viewer.

Ski Trip Leaders Comp: Cara reports that as trip leader for the upcoming Steamboat trip, she was handed an additional charge (for a meeting room) that she had not anticipated. “It will be a couple hundred extra,” she said. Sharon said that now that she knew personally how much work it is to lead a trip she thinks that a person doing all that should receive something in terms of remuneration. (Sharon was co-leader of the recent Snowmass trip.) Dave Lerner said that the guidelines are very specific about the comps. He generally allocates 1/25th of the cost of a trip to comps. There may be a co-leader to share it with. Cara said that it’s something that’s negotiated between the ski trip vendor and the leader but that there must be 25 people. Sharon felt that it doesn’t matter how many people participate, it is still a lot of work. Rosemary agreed. “No matter how many people are on the trip, there should still be comps.” She suggested that members write down their suggestions and submit them to the Ski Trip Committee for consideration next season.

Submitted by Mary Beale, secretary