Minutes – PVS Excom meeting – January 17, 2012

The meeting was held by conference call. It was brief. Some members were connecting from Snowmass in Colorado. Participants included Mary Beale, Melissa Fitzgerald, Reg Heitchue, John Holt, Cara Jablon, Ray McKinley, and Dick Schwartzbard.

The December 13,2011 minutes were approved.

Dick (Laeser) reported that financial activity had been light. In fact the bank (Cardinal Bank) had stopped its regular reporting on savings account activity because we haven’t put money in or out for a while. The current balance is $15,617.68. Jan Marx was kind enough to make arrangements for the conference call this evening. In the process she may have set up a brand new conference call account. Dick believes that there was a positive balance remaining in another account that the Club had used. There is some confusion regarding how many conference call accounts the Club has at this point. Dick said that he would look into it.

Ski Trip Committee (STC) – STC Chair Rosemary Schwartzbard was not available for the conference call. Cara who was finishing a day of skiing in Snowmass reported that that the group had had a very nice time.

Events & Meetings – (Please see the December 13th minutes for details). Ray said that they have a date set up for the tour of the Textile Museum – Sunday, April 29th at 1 pm. PVS member Jannes Gibson who will be hosting the monthly meeting on Sunday, February 19th, is on the Board of the Museum. She will be directing the PVS tour of the Museum.

Nominating Committee for Officers next year – Nancy McKinley has agreed to chair the nominating committee for Club officers again this year. She joined us on the conference call to provide an update. Fellow committee members will be John Brunelli, Serge Triau, Sue Lyon, Charlotte Eddy, and Dick Laeser. The committee will submit their suggestions for the nominees (President, Vice President, and Executive Committee) to Excom. The proposed slate of officers will be published in the March TOOT and voted upon at the April annual meeting.

There was no further business for discussion. The conference call was adjourned.

Submitted by Mary Beale, secretary