Minutes – PVS Excom Meeting – February 21, 2012

The meeting was held at the home of Cara and Robert Jablon. Present were Mary Beale, Melissa Fitzgerald, John Holt, Cara Jablon, Dick Laeser, Ray McKinley, and Dick and Rosemary Schwartzbard.

The January 17th Excom minutes were approved.

Dick Laeser distributed the February Treasurer’s report which showed a positive balance (savings plus checking accounts) of $15,394. Inadvertently two accounts had been set up for conference calls. Dick arranged for the accounts to be combined. Excom’s January conference call meeting which was 17 minutes long cost only $19. The greater the number of participants, the higher the cost of the call. When calling in, it is less expensive to use the local exchange number than the 800 call-in number.

Events and Meetings:

March 14 – LOGS, Umberto’s Italian Restaurant April 22 – Andorra Post-Trip Party (Hines)

March 20 – Monthly Meeting (Ufholz) April 28 – Tour of Textile Museum (Gibson)

March 27 – Excom meeting (conference call) May 15 – Monthly Meeting (June Reed’s daughter)

April 17 – Annual Meeting (Heitchue’s party room) May 22 – Excom Meeting (TBA)

April 24 – Excom Meeting (Fitzgerald)

Ray reported that the turnout for the Sunday, February 19th monthly meeting at Jan Gibson’s was robust (40 people). Snow had been predicted but fortunately did not materialize.

Cara will make arrangements for the March Excom conference call meeting.

Melissa Fitzgerald volunteered to oversee refreshments for the Annual Meeting. Traditionally members bring either an appetizer or a dessert. Reg has said that he will supply the beverages.

Ray noted that the Music Man will be at the Arena stage in June. There may be enough interested PVS members to purchase group tickets for a matinee performance.

Ski Trip Committee (STC) – The evaluations are in from those who participated in the 2012 Snowmass trip led by Carolyn DeVilbiss and Sharon Mulholland. A full 100% thought that the leaders were excellent and would go on another trip with them. It was the first PVS trip for 4 of the participants and they all described having a fantastic time. “Overall it was a really excellent trip,” said Rosemary, “despite the fact that the snow wasn’t perfect.” Sadly Carolyn and Sharon have announced that they will not be leading a Snowmass trip next year (2013). “We do have a proposal in from an Excom member to go to Big Sky,” said Rosemary. “It’s a BRSC trip. Big Sky is a great place.” “We’re also looking at The Canyons (Park City, Utah) since Ray and Nancy led a trip there in ’01,” added Rosemary. Utah is a desirable destination because it’s easy to get to. A trip to Les Trois Vallees in the French Alps is also being sponsored by BRSC in 2013.

Although local skiing was marred by an unusually warm winter this year, Rosemary feels that the notification system etc is up and running. She predicts that if there is snow next winter that local skiing within the Club will thrive.

Membership: Five applicant members (Jane Daly, Ann Cummins, Cathy Sands, Corinne Moore and Susan Ives) qualify for full membership in accordance with the Club By-Laws. Their names will be submitted for approval at the Annual Meeting. All 5 applicant members were on the recent Snowmass trip. They have also attended many PVS meetings. Dan and Betty Churchill submitted their applications to the Club in February 2012 and are in the early phase of the membership process.

The Club policy of having guests at meetings pay the regular member attendance fee of $3 has been questioned by Cara and others. Cara solicited views of Excom members via email prior to tonight’s meeting. She has suggested giving guests a pass the first time that they attend a meeting. Although there is support for the good will inherent in this approach, it would (as one member suggested) complicate the situation to start making exceptions to a uniform policy. After considering the pros and cons, a motion was made to continue the policy of having guests (or their sponsor) pay for attendance at meetings. The motion was seconded and approved 5 to 1.

Coordination with Slopedusters: Slopedusters is an informal group of area skiers that does a ski trip every year- usually in late January/early February. It happens that there are a lot of us (PVS skiers) who are also them. Cara has learned that Slopedusters is considering going to the Canyons in 2013 but that they don’t have anyone to lead the trip. She suggested that PVS consider coordinating a trip with Slopedusters. Although Liz Warren-Boulton may look into the Canyons for a PVS trip, it is in the most preliminary stages. In practice PVS trips are not open to people outside the Club until August - after members have had ample time to sign up. With declining numbers of skiers in the Club, Rosemary would like to do everything possible to bring more skiers in. Cara is concerned that if PVS waits till August that it will lose Slopedusters. Excom leaned towards liberalizing the application process specifically for Slopedusters. Rosemary said that she would speak further with Liz.

Submitted by Mary Beale, Secretary