April 24, 2012

Present: Cara Jablon, Richard Laeser, Melissa Fitzgerald, Louann Edie, Janet Marx, Elizabeth Warren Boulten, Carolyn DeVilbus, David Lerner, David Warthen

The Secretary was not at the opening of the meeting, but, apparently, Cara opened the meeting. She raised the fact that we did not have a volunteer to be Secretary. In spite of clear reasons to do otherwise, being available, Bob Jablon was appointed. Because he does not recognize all telephone voices, he apologizes for non-identifications or misidentifications.

There was recognition of how good a job Mary Beale has performed in recording and sending the notes. Mary received extensive and unanimous praise and gratitude for the job that she did over many years. It was agreed that her contribution would be recorded in the notes and iterated for the membership.

On a motion by Dick Laeser, the minutes for the prior meeting were approved unanimously and without objection.

Dick Laeser gave a positive Treasurer’s Report. Because the amounts are recorded, the report was short. We have just deposited $31.25. More significantly, the Treasurer’s Report shows a closing balance of $15,251.68. The club is in balance. Actual balances go up and down (“saw tooth”) with dues receipts and expenditures. Overall, we have a “stable and sustainable spending pattern.” Detail is on the Treasurer’s written report.

Cara asked where we are on the May TOOT. Thanks to David Warthen and Jan Marx, the issue is coming along fine. Dave is in charge for May. Nancy McKinley has pitched in and is proofing articles. Jan will do the June TOOT.

There was discussion on who should host the July meeting. Cara said that she could do it. She raised questions of past costs and reimbursements. Dick noted that there is no problem given the state of the Treasury. We can afford $10-11 per person. Cara noted that the past consensus was that we do not want to change contribution levels. It was then agreed that the Treasury could pick up the remainder. Cara said she could do the July meeting on the 15th or 22nd.

Dave Warthen had sent his report on membership. Five applicants were voted to be members at the recent annual general meeting. We have six applicant members in the pipeline, who have met the qualifications to be applicant members (i.e., applied and made payment). These include the Churchill’s, the Huffines, and Marna Blanchette.

There was considerable discussion of whether those who have gone on ski trips or attended meetings before they submit applications and make applicant member payments need duplicate those trips or meetings after they do so (i.e., after they meet the applicant member qualifications). Some EXCom members, for example, Carolyn stated that we should have reasonable flexibility. She deemed this a management issue. If we do not have additional flexibility, we may discourage potential members and shall slowly lose members. It should not matter if an applicant for membership meets requirements before or after the check comes in for those who are ready to join.

Others, such as Ray, argued that we must follow the bylaws or the bylaws become meaningless. Joining carries requirements, in this context the requirements to attend requisite meetings and trips after applying.

Dave Warthen pointed out that the bylaws now allow for waivers by a 2/3 vote. It was also discussed that the issue may be moot because new members will be voted in at the next annual meeting when circumstances can be considered.

Ray discussed planned activities. The July Summer festival date will be announced. Under consideration is also an August steak and swim. Ray will work on arranging for this event. Carolyn suggested that people sign up to cook.

Ray has sent the letter that goes to hosts and hostesses of meetings to EXCom members so that they can consider whether changes should be considered.

There will be a June 26th EXCom meeting.

There was a discussion about the adequacy of food at the April membership meeting and food requirements. Some people thought that there was not enough food, although Ray said that some food was left over. Dave Warthen stressed that some bring food and some do not, terming this “stealing.” There appeared to be a consensus (non-unanimous) that there was insufficient food at the April membership meeting and others. Louann pointed out some people go to great trouble; others put out cheese and crackers. There was recognition that sometimes people cannot bring food.

If necessary, hosts can get a check from the Treasurer to make up shortfalls. It was suggested that hosts again be alerted to this fact.

This paralleled discussion about expectations for the annual meeting and the sociology if one has one or multiple hosts. Carolyn suggested that we want a better annual meeting food presentation.

Ray pointed out the history of when, seven to ten years ago, members competed to have elaborate dinners. There was a decision to cut back.

Carolyn counter-pointed that there had been much discussion. It was agreed that we need not serve expensively, but there could be ample hors d’oeuvres and desserts.

Cara pointed to the letter that was drafted as to what is expected and sent to hosts. It was agreed that EXCom would review this letter and that we would send it out. See above.

Cara reported that BRSC is not doing a Big Sky trip, but is going to Steamboat. The John’s are disappointed. The Steamboat Grand will be the primary hotel with an option for people to stay at the Sheraton. (Secretary’s note: The Sheraton is on the slopes at the base across from the Gondola; the Grand is across the street.)

Liz said that she is working with Doug to arrange a trip to the Canyons. They are coming up with a land package for hotels. She said the land package will be OK, but air will be a problem. They may have smaller planes into Hayden (airport near Steamboat). Doug will come up with something in a week or so.

The European BRSC trip has been changed to Chamonix from Trois Vallées. Perhaps, Dick Comerford will agree to lead it.

Dick made a motion to adjourn, which passed quickly and unanimously.