september 11, 2012

Present: Cara Jablon, Ellie Thayer, Jan Marx, Louann Eadie, Elizabeth Warren Boulton, Carolyn DeVilbiss, Reg Heitchue, Rosemary Schwartzbard, Melissa Fitzgerald

Others: Bob Jablon, Secretary.

After some fine dining, the meeting was called to order in the evening at the Thayer’s, but at a time that the Secretary’s notes fail to reflect (because the Secretary was either eating or imbibing).

Minutes: On a motion by Reg, second by Jan, the June 26, 2012, minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Dick Laeser distributed the Treasurer’s Report. There was consideration and discussion that the club has increased assets. Among suggestions that were discussed were changing dues, have additional part(ies), reducing amounts collected from participants at parties, allowing (encouraging) overruns at meetings, and allowing (encouraging) better fare at parties. Although a youthening party received unanimous support, the matter of the Treasury balance will continue to be considered.

Membership Records: Dave Warthen has distributed to EXCom the PVS Membership Records Report for the 9-11-12 EXCom Meeting. Carolyn reports that we have 147 members. There was discussion on applicant members and sources of new members. In response to a question from Cara, Rosemary estimated that we have fifty or more sking members. Carolyn also reported that more than 50 of the members ski.

Meeting Schedule: There was discussion about the forthcoming meeting schedule. The September 18th club meeting will be at Melissa’s; the October 16th meeting will be at the Knopes. Ray McKinley will arrange for the December Holiday meeting. We shall coordinate with Brian through Rosemary as to a November date for the Ski Center meeting, possibly on November 13th. Ray coordinates this meeting with the Ski Center. EXCom will have a tentative call on October 23rd, which shall be confirmed (or canceled) at the October club meeting.

Ski Trips: Rosemary reported on the status of upcoming trips. Dick Commerford has 16 definite and an additional three almost definite sign ups for the Chamonix trip. He may get 20 or more people. The Steamboat trip has 14 and may get 18 to 20 people. Liz said she had ten sign ups for the Canyons trip, which is good for an end of March trip. We could have to renegotiate the price based on the numbers participating. Liz and Reg will “talk up” the trip at the next membership meeting.

Cara asked, “What about the people who went to Snowmass?” She asked if we can persuade some to go Steamboat and the Canyons. Rosemary reported that some are going back to Snowmass this season. We want to do Snowmass again in 2014.

Rosemary’s conclusion is that we are OK on supporting the trips for this time of the year. We shall likely get additional members to go. She said that the numbers are good.

Rosemary reported that we shall likely have a local trip to Snowshoe in the second or third week in January. Other more or less local possibilities, including Massanutten, were mentioned and briefly discussed.

TOOT: Ellie reported that things were well in hand to continue TOOT issuances into next year. TOOT deadlines are four days before the end of the month to get materials to Ellie and two days before the end of the month to send for distribution. Ellie will continue next year. Dave is doing October followed by Jan the following month.

People: Cara said the Betty Lawrence may be (is) upset because the Summerfest was held at our house. Cara attempted to call and e-mailed a mea culpa message. We shall ask Ray to communicate and offer (request) that Betty do a meeting, perhaps with help from others as may be desirable.

Capitol Golden Skiers: Carolyn reported that Dave is doing a good job communicating, but needs more specific information. We shall invite them to events, including possibly the ski center meeting.

Events: Ray McKinley was not here, but Rosemary discussed the then forthcoming September 14th bike trip from Roosevelt Island as a very worthwhile event.

Adjournment: Carolyn moved to adjourn for her second meeting in a row as movant. Melissa seconded. The motion passed unanimously (at which point Rosemary announced the bike trip (See above)).

The meeting adjourned.