december 5, 2012

Present: Cara Jablon, Bob Knopes, Ellie Thayer, Ray McKinley, Rosemary Schwartzbard, Melissa Fitzgerald

Others: Bob Jablon, Secretary, Dick Schwartzbard.

I report on a non-meeting, which took place at the Schwartzbard’ s on Tuesday, December 5, 2012. It was called to order at 8:07 EST. I call it a non-meeting because a quorum was lacking as opposed to the content or decorum of what took place. (Cf. the Alice and Wonderland non-birthday party. Cf. is a legal term that, translated roughly, means I get the point and I hope the Judge does too.)

Minutes: There were no corrections to the September 11, 2012 minutes.

Treasurer’s Report: Dick Laeser has distributed a Treasurer’s Report, which is incorporated herewith. (Herewith is also a legal term. It means here.) Melissa raised a question of the appropriateness of $70.00 of September 16 party expenses. Assurance was unanimous that the amount is appropriate. Rosemary said that the Treasury had money. Cara and she said we did well on costs. Ray stressed that we do not want hosts to lose money on meetings.

Membership Records: Membership Records are attached. There are no changes.

Events and Meetings: Ray reported on Events and Meetings. We have three club trips planned. (See below). Jan will host the December meeting. (Cara noted that we shall be in Oregon as will Melissa. Bob Knopes will preside.) Marna Blanchette will host the January club meeting in Bethesda. (Secretary’s note: we are not certain of the place as of this writing; Ray will confirm or relocate.) Meeting in February and in the Spring were discussed as well as possible hosts. For subsequent results see the forthcoming TOOT . Among issues discussed were the advantages of fixed dates; to the extent possible, maintaining club meetings and EXCom meetings on the third and fourth Tuesdays of the month but also the desirability of having Sunday daytime meetings during the winter (influenced by the fact that winter daytime driving conditions are better than at night). After discussion, it was agreed that there would be a January 27th EXCom conference call, no EXCom meeting in February and, possibly, a March 27th Conference call meeting. Ray pointed to the planning and attendance advantages of maintaining pre-set fixed dates. Ski trips and holidays were an influence on the dates that were discussed.

Ray opened the discussion talking about reduced meeting attendance. Attendees have been in the low 20’s. They used to be in the 30’s. Lunch and dinner, bicycling and similar events have not attracted people.

Cara read from a letter from Charlie Huggins, which pointed out the need for a new nominating committee (which has been done) and the weakness of fall events. Charlie said that a good program of hiking and biking reduces injuries and has health benefits. One must join a local health club to ski moguls.

There was considerable discussion of how to boost attendance at events. Melissa suggested additional e-mails. Jan noted that Wolf Trap trips had been popular. However, Rosemary said that many in the club are less active. We are not getting an influx of new and especially younger people. Other clubs have the same problem. There was a question of use of social media, which was not endorsed. Also, night driving can be an issue.

Ski Trips: We have three club trips planned. We currently anticipate approximately 10 people for Steamboat (Secretary’s note: (twelve are signed up currently)), 10 for the Canyons and 20 for Chamonix. A non-sponsored group of about ten to twelve people is going to Snowmass. They are making individual arrangements. This suggests having a Snowmass trip and joining a BRSC trip next year. Possibilities for grouping with other organizations were discussed, most of which have limitations. (E.g., Road Scholar, other ski clubs (like Pentagon, Washington, Capital Golden Skiers)). Brian (of the Ski Center) had spoken of a possible Japan trip. Local ski opportunities, weather permitting, were also discussed along with associated ski bargains, including Silver Springs and WISP. A number plan to go to January 4th Whitetail demonstration day. Members can try fat skis.

Nominating Committee: Cara has appointed a Chair, Dave DeVilbiss. There was some discussion about the availability of people to serve as President (not about individual people) and possibly having co-chairs. Ray stressed the importance of not discussing candidates other than through the nominating committee because of the required nature of such discussion. Dick Schwartzbard suggested that present officers remain until replace. Cara counter-suggested that she could retaliate with the contents of her TOOT columns.

TOOT: Jan reported that the TOOT was in hand. She, Marvin Haas and Dave Warthen will continue their roles.

Adjournment: The members voted to adjourn at 8:25 EDT and ended the meeting at 8:28.

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