february 12, 2013

Present: Cara Jablon, Ray McKinley, Nancy McKinley, Ellie Thayer, Jan Marx, Dave Warthen, Bob Knopes, Louann Eadie, Elizabeth Warren Boulton, Carolyn DeVilbiss, Reg Heitchue, Rosemary Schwartzbard

Others: Bob Jablon, Secretary.

The meeting was called to order at 7:33 P.M. EST.

Minutes: The December 5, 2012 minutes were approved after Cara moved the deletion of the following sentences at the end: “Dick Schwartzbard suggested that present officers remain until replaced. Cara counter-suggested that she could retaliate with the contents of her TOOT columns.” Cara claimed not to have remembered making the statement. As the Secretary does not have a vote, the deletion was approved unanimously. Cf., corrections to Congressional Record reports.

Treasurer’s Report: Based upon the Treasurer’s report, Cara stated that things are stable.

Capital Golden Skiers: Because of time constraints, Ray suggested that we move to important matters. PVS has received inquiries about a possible merger with Capital Golden Skiers. In light of these inquiries, before the meeting there had been some e-mails and discussions about the matter. Cara, Nancy McKinley, and Rosemary Schwartzbard drafted a possible proposal that could be discussed with the CGS leadership before Sunday’s PVS club meeting on February 17th. The draft contained key points that would factor into any agreement with CSG.

The strong consensus was that we support discussions with Capital Golden Skiers as to the possible integration of the two clubs. Carolyn and others suggested that we meet with CGS, seeking information as to what CGS requests. We could use Cara’s proposal as an outline for discussions if this appeared appropriate based upon our further finding CGS’ needs and desires.

Reg said the proposal could be used as talking points. This would enable us to first hear CGS’ needs and concerns.

Liz suggested that we may prefer absorbing CGS rather than merging. Cara and others noted that the reality is that if we get twenty new members we would be doing well.

Ray cited a CGS newsletter statements indicating that absent a merger, CGS would dissolve. CGS could not get new officers.

It was agreed that Cara and Nancy would try to meet with the CGS President and Vice President before our Sunday meeting. We would be welcoming and, if appropriate, try to work through CGS needs and concerns in the context of PVS’ similar needs. Cara could give CGS the proposal that she had drafted as she had modified it based upon comments. The consensus was that Cara and Nancy would first raise the issues in the proposal orally with CGS and determine their views and needs regarding a possible "merger."  A written proposal would be provided to CGS if, in the judgment of Nancy and Cara, the discussion warranted their doing so. On a motion by Carolyn, seconded by Ray, these procedures and the methodology for going forward were approved unanimously. If discussions are fruitful, the matter will be taken up at the next (or appropriate) membership PVS club meeting.

Meetings: Ray reported that Louann Eadie would host the March PVS meeting on March 19. Reg will be hosting the annual meeting on April 16th. Liz will host a February 17th club meeting. The March EXCom meeting will be on the 27th at Carolyn’s, but an additional meeting or communications may be needed to accommodate the CGS matters.

Snowmass 2014 Trip: Rosemary reported that she will be sending a recommendation to EXCom for a Snowmass trip next year proposed to be led by Carolyn and Louann.

Officers and New Members: The nominated, new officers are reported in the TOOT. Nancy is nominated for President; John Holt for Vice President; Jane Dealy; Mary Ann Rozzell and Bob Knopes as new EXCom members.

Membership Report: Dave Warthen submitted this report electronically, and submitted information about seven Applicant Members.

Applicant members who were accepted as qualified for full membership include:

Marna Blanchette, Ruth Healey, Joy D. Huffines, J. Steven Huffines and A. Kaldun Nossuli. The Churchills were not approved for full membership yet.

The meeting adjourned at 8:12 P.M. EST