March 27, 2013

Present: Cara Jablon, Dick Laeser, Ray McKinley, Nancy McKinley, Ellie Thayer, Jan Marx, Bob Knopes, Louann Eadie, Elizabeth Warren Boulton, Carolyn DeVilbiss, Reg Heitchue, Rosemary Schwartzbard; Dave Lerner

Others: Bob Jablon, Secretary.

The telephonic meeting was called to order at about 7:30 P.M. EDT, shortly after it actually started. Bob Knopes chaired the meeting, because Cara had to join late.

MINUTES: On a motion by Carolyn, the February 12, 2013 minutes were unanimously approved.

TREASURER’S REPORT: The Treasurer’s Report was accepted with a statement by Bob Knopes that there is nothing out of the ordinary.

EVENTS: Ray reported on events. This summary is taken from the TOOT, which is a good idea because it advances accuracy and also spelling:

Apr 06 Sat Washington Area Folk Harp Society, Harp Concert, 7:00 PM, Eadies,

Falls Church, VA

Apr 16 Tue Annual Meeting, 7:30 PM, Heitchue, Reston Party Room, Reston, VA

Apr 21 Sun Eclipse Chamber Orchestra Concert, 3:00 PM, McKinley, Masonic Hall,

Alexandria, VA

Apr 23 Tue ExCom Meeting, 7:30 PM, DeVilbiss, Alexandria, VA

May 03 Fri Washington, D.C. Ski Travel Show, 6:30-9:30 PM, Marriott Hotel, Tysons Corner, VA

May 21 Tue Monthly Meeting, 7:30 PM, Mahallati, Herndon, VA

January 15-22, 2014: PVS Snowmass, CO (Carolyn DeVilbiss & Louann Eadie).

Help was solicited and offered for the April 16th Annual Meeting at Reg’s. Rosemary commented that all should bring food. A few people should arrive early, about 7:00 o’ clock, to help set up. Carolyn offered to bring paper plates and napkins. She, Rosemary and Nancy offered to come early along with Rosemary.

Ray said that we need to get across that everybody should bring something.

Carolyn raised that there was a dearth of food last year. There was substantial cheese and crackers, but as reported by Bob Knopes insufficient appetizers. After discussion, Carolyn, Rosemary and Nancy agreed that we could buy food platters, including shrimp. Nancy will obtain them. Dick Laeser said that the Treasury can support this.

Louann volunteered to host the 23rd EXCom meeting. Carolyn also agreed and will do so. That meeting needs to be in person because of new members. We may have a conference call in May, but Nancy will decide.

At Louann’s suggestion, It was agreed that Nancy would invite Capital Golden Skiers.

There was some discussion of concert events.

Kerry and Marianne will again host a summer steak fest. Ray suggested that the Jablon’s should host a Summer fest. Cara not having yet arrived, the Secretary pointed to his limited authority, but told the group that this should be OK. He commented (or should have) that it beats being Secretary.

John Lyon will set up a Spring hike.

Rosemary reported on the May 3rd ski show.

MYRON MARQUARDT: We paid tribute and noted his obituary. There has been a TOOT article.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT: Bob recognized the report, which all had seen.

TRIPS: A return to Snowmass has been approved by February 16th e-mail. There has been good progress on price negotiations. The trip should be at or beneath costs two years ago. It is being chaired by Carolyn and Louann.

Rosemary gave trip feedback. We had 15 people at Steamboat, 18 at Chamonix, and 12 at the Canyons. For all three trips, there was 100 percent reporting that skiers would go again with the trip leaders. There was highly positive feedback. With respect to Steamboat and the Canyons, Rosemary reported .that smaller trip sizes than those that we have had in the past added group cohesion and made trips easier to coordinate. There were some negative comments about the early morning timing of the Canyons flights and Steamboat breakfasts, but these were trivial compared with overall high marks.

Carolyn raised the question that with smaller likely future trip sizes than we have had in the past, there may be very fewer perks to compensate trip leaders. Most trip leaders know and accept this, but the consensus was that we need to be flexible. Trip guidelines must be that, guidelines. There needs to be clear communications on this point of trip perks with prospective trip leasers.

Rosemary reported that the Snowmass trip was likely to be the large trip next year. People may sign up now.

The Hines want to lead an Alaskan trip timed with the beginning of Iditarod, the Alaska dog race. The trip is scheduled for February 26th to March 6th (returning March 7th). The Anchorage hotel was described as beautiful. There was considerable discussion about whether a date change might be possible to avoid trip overlaps. Rosemary stressed the importance of cooperating with prospective trip leaders and reported that few people go on multiple trips. In scheduling, costs are a consideration. Bob and Louann supported leaving the dates as is. Liz supported by Ray and Carolyn said that a one day change may not make a difference and that it should not create harm to ask Kerry whether this is feasible. The trip was approved, but it was agreed that we would ask Kerry if a slight date change would be reasonable and economic. Regardless of the answer, the trip is approved.

A trip proposal by Dick Commerford to Cortina leaving March 7th (possibly the 5th) was also approved. The approval was strongly supported based, in part, on Dick’s success with the Chamonix and other trips. The trip may include a possible add on to Venice. In support of the trip, it was noted that Capital Golden Skiers like to go to Europe.

Rosemary reported that 37 different people went on PVS trips this year. (We also had some non-members on two trips.) Last year 57 people went on PVS trips, 44 to Andorra. Next year we expect 40 some people, 20 to Snowmass, maybe 10-15 to Alaska and Cortina. Cortina will be a BRSC trip so that there would be no minimum participant number, but we may need 10 to 15 to make Alaska work.

CAPITAL GOLDEN SKIERS: Cara met with Don (BRSC). CGS is not in a big rush. Cara provided CGS information, but we have not heard back. On April 27th Pentagon and we will make presentations to CGS. Nancy, Rosemary and Ray will speak.

CGS has 20 to 30 active skiing members. We plan to make a strong pitch for CSG (or many of their active members) to come with us. We are giving them copies of the TOOT and will discuss our unusual trips. We discussed our assets that we can communicate. Bing has commented how in joining PVS as a new member, he felt like he was joining family. Ray pointed out that we meet in people’s homes. Other selling points were discussed.

DONATIONS: Bon Knopes raised an idea of possibly making donations for people who have passed away. Jan Marks pointed out our nice write ups in the TOOT and that those who desire go to services or make donations additionally would do so as they think appropriate. Although donations have been occasionally made in the past, it was agreed not to adopt such policy.

ADJOURNMENT: On a motion by Carolyn seconded by Cara, we adjourned at 8:50 P.M.