Minutes – PVS ExCom Meeting – December 12, 2013

MEETING ATTENDEES: The meeting was held by telephonic conference call. Participants were: Nancy McKinley, Louann Eadie, Bob Knopes, Maryann Rozzell, Dick Laeser, Dave Warthen, Ray McKinley, Jan Marx, and Ellie Thayer. President, Nancy McKinley, chaired the meeting.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Secretary, Ellie Thayer, submitted the minutes of the October 22, 2013 meeting electronically. The minutes were approved as presented.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Treasurer, Dick Laeser, submitted multiple Treasurer’s Reports electronically. On October 24, the Treasurer submitted a delayed report for the October 22, ExCom and also amended/corrected reports for April 23, May 28, June 25, August 20, and September 24. The amended reports corrected a minor discrepancy found in earlier reports. The Treasurer also filed his December 12 ExCom report for the present meeting. The reports were filed. The club’s coffers are flush with more than $16,000. The biennial dues period has ended and the checks have been deposited; Dick opined that the account should hold steady from this point. Per Dick, the balance sheet usually goes up from $1000 to $2000 after the receipt of the biennial dues. In view of the club’s healthy balance, there were musings about the club’s 2015 50th anniversary party and also the issue of when to open the time capsule being held by Jan Marx. It was agreed that discussion of those matters would be conducted in the future.

MEMBERSHIP RECORDS REPORT: Membership chair, Dave Warthen, submitted the Membership Report electronically. The report was filed. Dave reported that the club now has 180 members stemming from an invigorating influx of 50 new members from Capital Golden Skiers. Dave also reported that he had shifted to the FileMaker Pro 13, the newest FileMaker application.

EVENTS AND MEETINGS REPORT: Events and meetings chair, Ray McKinley, gave a status report on upcoming events and meetings.

December 17, 2013 – monthly meeting/holiday party at Jan Marx’ house. Starts at 7:30 and guests bring appetizers and desserts.

January 5, 2014 – wine and cheese pre-trip party for the Snowmass group from 3:00 – 5:00 at Louann Eadie’s house.

January 6, 2014 – a gathering at the Idylwood Grill in Falls Church for those wanting more information about the Alyeska ski trip.

January 12, 2014 – monthly meeting at Melissa FitzGerald’s house. Ray noted that the January, February, and March meetings are on Sunday at 2:00.

January 26, 2014 – pre-trip party for the Alyeska group at the Hines’ house; time to be announced later.

February 16, 2014 – location of the monthly meeting to be announced later; Ray anticipates having the information in the January TOOT.

March 23, 2014 – monthly meeting at Maryann Rozzell’s house.

April 15, 2014 – annual meeting at Reg Heitchue’s party room at 7:30pm. Ray noted that the last TOOT mistakenly reported that the meeting was on April 18.

SKI TRIP COMMITTEE REPORT: Nancy McKinley provided the report in the absence of the Chair, Rosemary Schwartzbard. Nancy reported that the Ski Trip Committee had met to discuss the 2015 trips. BRSC is offering a February trip to Mt. Bachelor in Oregon and a March trip to Mayrhofen in Tirol. The Ski Trip Committee decided as a threshold matter to support the two BRSC trips, our traditional trip to Snowmass, and another trip. All four of the upcoming 2014 trips are on track with good numbers. Louann explained that the Snowmass leaders were upset that the original flight arrangements to Snowmass were canceled, but that good alternative flight arrangements to Houston and then directly to Aspen are a good substitute. Finally, a robust number of 63 PVSers are going on ski trips this season.

TOOT REPORT: TOOT coordinator, Ellie Thayer, reported that Jan is the editor for the January TOOT and that Dave will be the February editor. For 2014, the three layout editors, Dave Warthen, Jan Marx, and Marvin Hass, are assigned to the same months as they were last year with the proviso that editorship can change as needed.

OLD BUSINESS: There was one item of old business.

The Membership Chair, Dave Warthen, had previously asked ExCom to consider shortening the dues enrollment period from four months to 60 or 90 days. Dave explained that it was onerous to send out overdue reminders for a four month period and that it seemed unnecessary and not in accord with normal business practices to extend such reminder notices for such a long period of time. The four-month requirement stems from section II D of the by-laws, which provides that a member who has not paid his or her dues within four months of the due date shall be dropped from the rolls. ExCom agreed in principle that a change in process was in order. The discussion revolved around whether the by-laws should be amended or whether a change could be effected without amending the by-laws. After some discussion a consensus emerged that the Membership Chair should send out overdue notices at 30 and 60 days only. At the four-month mark, a nonpaying member will be dropped from the rolls in accordance with the by-laws.

NEW BUSINESS: There were three items of new business.

Addition of Capital Golden Skiers to PVS: Over the course of the last few months PVS has welcomed 50 new members to the club from CGS. Nancy McKinley wished to express again how much the new members have enriched the club. ExCom, by virtue of the power delineated in Section IV D of the by-laws (ExCom shall have “the power to transact all ordinary business including membership and financial issues”), is in accord with the admission of the new members and echoes the sentiments of the President.

Appointment of Nominating Committee Chair: Nancy noted that the time is approaching for her to appoint a chair of a nominating committee for the next election cycle. She asked for comments and thoughts. After a brief silent moment, it was suggested that members send her any ideas by email.

The Next ExCom Meeting: Because of ski trips and other travel, the decision whether to have an ExCom meeting in January was postponed. Nancy noted that any business that had to be conducted, such as business concerning the upcoming election of officers, could be conducted by email, if necessary.

ADJOURNMENT: Nancy declared the meeting was adjourned.

Minutes submitted by Ellie Thayer, secretary.