Minutes – PVS ExCom Meeting – February 25, 2014

MEETING ATTENDEES: The meeting was held by telephonic conference call. Participants were: Nancy McKinley, John Holt, Maryann Rozzell, Marianne Soponis, Carolyn DeVilbiss, Paul Levy, Dick Laeser, Dave Warthen, Ray McKinley, Rosemary Schwartzbard, Jan Marx, and Ellie Thayer. John Holt was riding the metro and was on the line intermittently. President, Nancy McKinley, chaired the meeting.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Secretary, Ellie Thayer, submitted the minutes of the December 12, 2013 meeting electronically. The minutes were approved as presented.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Treasurer, Dick Laeser, submitted the Treasurer’s Report electronically. The report was filed. He also submitted a trend chart contrasting PVS assets and dues collection from 2006 through 2013. With regard to the former, Dick noted that the report covered an unusually long period, about 10 weeks (the time since the last ExCom meeting), with minimal activity. One item required ExCom action. Celia Chen, hostess for the February 2014 monthly meeting, submitted expenditures of $246.00, minus $81.00 collected at the door, for a total of $165.00. PVS guidelines set reimbursement for a monthly meeting not to exceed $150.00. No one voiced an objection for full reimbursement noting that Celia provided a wonderful spread, she was a first-time hostess, there was uncertainty regarding the number of attendees because of the weather, and Ray had sent her the guidelines letter quite awhile before the event. It was determined that hosts should be made more cognizant of the guidelines in the future.

The group told Dick that they appreciated his trend chart, which showed an overall upward trend in assets and a slightly downward trend in dues collection due to declining membership. Dave Warthen noted that the dues collection figure might go up next year when the club’s new members will pay membership dues after the special one-year-no-dues period ends.

MEMBERSHIP RECORDS REPORT: Membership chair, Dave Warthen, submitted the Membership Report electronically. The report was filed. Dave also sent a memorandum regarding the status of the club’s four applicant members in advance of the April annual meeting. He recommended, and ExCom agreed, that two applicant members be candidates for active membership because they had fulfilled the requirements for membership, i.e., Herb Bennett as an Applicant Individual and Jonathon Wechsler as an Applicant (Associate) Individual Member. It was determined that the two other applicants not be considered as candidates for active membership because of their failure to participate in any club activities. Those applicants are Dan Churchill and Robert Magill, Jr.

EVENTS AND MEETINGS REPORT: Events and meetings chair, Ray McKinley, gave a status report on upcoming events and meetings.

March 23 – monthly meeting at Maryann Rozzell’s house. There was some confusion whether the meeting was on Sunday, March 16 or 23. It was determined that it was on March 23.

March 25 – ExCom meeting at Ellie’s house. Nancy recommended that the last meeting of the PVS year be held at a home rather than telephonically to say thanks and goodbye to outgoing ExCom members.

April 15 – annual meeting at Cara and Bob Jablon’s house. Ray informed the group that Reg Heitchue’s party room was unavailable this year because of renovation and that the Jablons had volunteered their home.

April 22 – ExCom meeting at Nancy and Ray McKinley’s condo. Nancy wished for this to be a face-to-face meeting to welcome the new ExCom members.

SKI TRIP COMMITTEE REPORT: Ski Trip Committee Chair, Rosemary Schwartzbard, gave the report. The club’s first proposal for a 2015 ski trip was submitted by Marianne Soponis for a January 14 – 21 trip to Snowmass. Rosemary reported that the Ski Trip Committee had approved the proposal. Carolyn DeVilbiss moved to accept the proposal. The motion was seconded and unanimously approved. The group heartily thanked Marianne for volunteering to lead the trip. Carolyn and Rosemary offered their support. Rosemary said that she expected proposals for BRSC/PVS trips to Mt. Bachelor and Mayrhofen in the near future.

TOOT REPORT: TOOT coordinator, Ellie Thayer, reported that Jan Marx is the editor for the March TOOT and that Dave Warthen will be the April editor.

OLD BUSINESS: Nancy reiterated her thanks to the Nominating Committee for taking on the difficult job of finding candidates for office for the 2014 – 2015 year. The committee members are Reg Heitchue, Chair, Louann Eadie, Cara Jablon, Bob Jablon, Bob Knopes, Sue Lyon, and Gerda Picco. The new ExCom candidates are Paul Levy (one-year term), Inge Lesjak, and Ellie Thayer.

NEW BUSINESS: There were three items of new business.

PVS Stickers: Jan reported that Sue Lyon had a number of PVS stickers in inventory. These stickers have in the past been sold two for $1.00. It was decided that Jan should find out from Sue how many there are and that, in any event, Sue should bring them to the annual meeting and they would be offered free to any takers.

Identification for PVS Members: There were two topics discussed relating to identification. First was the issue of permanent nametags. Many PVSers have noticed and admired the permanent nametags worn by our members who belonged to CGS. Marianne Soponis was tasked with finding out from the treasurer of CGS how much the nametags cost. The issue will be discussed again at an upcoming ExCom meeting after her report. The second issue related to being able to identify fellow PVSers on ski trips. Paul Levy noted that nametags on street clothes are not the answer to identification on the slopes. The group remembered seeing colored ribbons on poles, IDs on helmets, IDs on jackets, and the like on other groups. ExCom commented favorably on the ID idea, but there was no final decision at this meeting.

Recording Telephonic ExCom Meetings: Dick Laeser discovered that there is a possibility of recording ExCom’s telephonic meetings. Nancy asked Ellie, PVS secretary, if she thought it would be helpful. Ellie responded that she takes copious notes, writes up the minutes within a few days, and sends her draft to those who were present for comment. In view of that process, Ellie did not think recording was necessary.

ADJOURNMENT: Nancy declared the meeting to be adjourned.

Minutes submitted by Ellie Thayer, secretary.