Minutes – PVS ExCom Meeting – May 27, 2014

MEETING ATTENDEES:  The meeting was held by teleconference.  In attendance were:  Nancy McKinley, John Holt, Maryann Rozzell, Marianne Soponis, Rosemary Schwartzbard, David Warthen, Carolyn DeVilbiss, Dick Laeser, Paul Levy, Jan Marx, and Ray McKinley.  Inge Lesjak joined the call at the end.  President, Nancy McKinley, chaired the meeting.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  Secretary, Ellie Thayer, submitted the minutes of the April 22, 2014 meeting electronically.  The minutes were approved. 

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Treasurer, Dick Laeser, submitted the Treasurer’s Report electronically.  The Treasury balance is $15,990.36.  All items were cleared by the time of the meeting.  The Treasurer’s Report was filed.

MEMBERSHIP RECORDS REPORT:  Membership chair, Dave Warthen, submitted the Membership Records Report electronically.  The Report was filed.  PVS now has 180 active members. David reported that membership renewals will go out on July 1 to former CGS members who had one year free. He will send emails to each person with the amount they owe.  There are 50 members in this category.

EVENTS AND MEETINGS REPORT:  Events and meetings chair, Ray McKinley, gave a status report on upcoming events and meetings.

            June 17 – June meeting.  Ray is still working on a location for the meeting.

            June 21 - Celia Chen is holding a Chinese dumpling class.  Nancy and Ray noted that they had signed up as has Rosemary Schwartzbard and Ellie Thayer.  Ray expressed his appreciation to Celia for initiating this idea. 

            June 24 – ExCom meeting will be held by teleconference.

            July 26 – Summerfest at Reg Heitchue’s party room.

            August 2 – Chesapeake Bay cruise and BBQ.  Barb Leonhardt is organizing a cruise out of Annapolis and Reg is hosting a BBQ at his Annapolis home on the Bay after the cruise.

            August 16 – Steak and Swim at the Hines’ Delaplane, VA home.

            August 26 – ExCom meeting will be held by teleconference.

            September 20 – Wine tasting organized by Marianne Soponis.

            October  Ruth Healey is leading a hike in Great Seneca Park.  Exact date TBD.


Traditionally, there has been no ExCom meeting in July.


SKI TRIP COMMITTEE REPORT:  Ski Trip Committee Chair, Rosemary Schwartzbard gave the following Ski Trip Committee Report.  

The club has approved three ski trip proposals:

Snowmass led by Marianne Soponis January 14-21, 2015.

Mt. Bachelor, Oregon led by Cara and Bob Jablon January 31-February 7.

Mayrhofen, Austria, led by Inge Lesjak, March 6-14, with a pre-trip extension to Bled, Slovenia and a post-trip extension to Vienna, Austria.

Paul Levy reported that the Best of Times Ski Club will have a trip to Aspen the end of February.  They are working on prices and will send information later.

Rosemary reported that she has been in touch with Eileen Fishkin, president of BOT, to give information on our trips.  David Warthen has also been in contact with BOT.


TOOT REPORT:  David Warthen reported that he has received most of the June TOOT information. Dave Warthen will be the June editor.



Nancy McKinley thanked Marianne Soponis for running the May meeting while Nancy was away.  People commented on how much fun Marianne’s name game was in getting people to know each other.

Retaining Newly Added CGS Members: There was a discussion of retaining the 50 new members coming from CGS after July 2014 when their pro-rated dues are assessed.  Carolyn DeVilbiss discussed ways of reaching out to these members:

1.      A phone tree could be organized to call each member either before or after David’s email goes out on July 1.

2.      Nancy could send an email to each member inviting them to continue membership.

It was agreed that Nancy send an email to the former CGS members after July 1.  Those who have not sent in their dues by August 1 would be contacted by phone, which Carolyn would organize.


NEW BUSINESS:  There were two items of new business.


PVS 50th Anniversary Gala:  The club’s 50th anniversary is in November 2015 and it is time to be thinking about a committee, a venue, etc.  Nancy will put a notice in the TOOT asking people to be on the committee and give suggestions of place to hold the Gala.  Ray will look into the details about holding it at the Cosmos Club. 


PVS Website:  Nancy asked if anyone has been looking at the PVS website.  Rosemary said that she has and that David Lerner and David Warthen have been working together to get the ski trips on the site.  All of the trip fliers are on the website and include pictures of the trip leaders.  Others were encouraged to look at the site. 


ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned.


Minutes submitted by Rosemary Schwartzbard.