Minutes – PVS ExCom Meeting – October 28, 2014

MEETING ATTENDEES: The meeting was held telephonically. On the call were: Nancy McKinley, John Holt, Bob Knopes, Marianne Soponis, Maryann Rozzell, Inge Lesjak, Paul Levy, Dick Laeser, Dave Warthen, Ray McKinley, Rosemary Schwartzbard, Jan Marx, and Ellie Thayer. President, Nancy McKinley, chaired the meeting.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Secretary, Ellie Thayer, submitted the minutes for the September 23, 2014 meeting electronically. The minutes were approved and filed.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Treasurer, Dick Laeser, submitted the Treasurer’s Report electronically. The report was filed. The Treasury amount is $15, 945.93 with only two small checks, amounting to $52.60, expensed but not cleared. Dick asked Rosemary or Inge to ask BRSC to let him know when the club’s membership dues for that organization are due.

MEMBERSHIP RECORDS REPORT: Membership chair, Dave Warthen, submitted the Membership Records Report electronically. The report was filed. Dave noted that the club now has 184 members and that kudos should go to Dick Parlow for sponsoring the last three applicant members. Dave also brought to the attention of the group that the club has two 95 year-old members (Suzanne Boisclair and Peter Russell) and one member, Marianne Cook, who will be 101 on her next birthday.

EVENTS AND MEETINGS REPORT: Events and meetings chair, Ray McKinley, gave a status report on upcoming events and meetings.

November 3 – Washington Ski Expo, Tysons Corner Marriot, 6:30 – 9:30PM.

November 18 – monthly meeting to be held at the Washington Ski Center at 7:30PM.

November 23 – Eclipse Chamber Music concert, Alexandria, at 3:00PM.

December 9 – combined November/December ExCom meeting to be held telephonically.

December 16 – monthly meeting/holiday party to be hosted by Hotalings at 7:30PM.

January 11, 2015 – monthly meeting at 2:00PM, host TBA.

February 15, 2015 – monthly meeting at 2:00PM, host TBA.

With respect to the November 3 Expo, Inge has prepared a brochure that will be available for distribution at the Expo. She predicts that the printing cost will be $50.00 or less. Inge and Rosemary will be in attendance.

With respect to the November 18 meeting at the Ski Center, Eloise Strand has volunteered to bring white wine, Marianne Soponis will bring a few soft drinks, Rosemary will bring nuts and desserts, Jan is providing the paper products and wine glasses, and Nancy will bring wraps from Costco.

With respect to the December meeting, Ray will send the Hotalings the form letter for new hosts.

SKI TRIP COMMITTEE REPORT: Ski Trip Committee Chair, Rosemary Schwartzbard, reported that all three 2015 trips were going well. Inge said that the Austrian trip had one additional participant and that a man and a woman were each looking for a roommate. ExCom referred Inge to the Ski Trip guidelines concerning singles looking for roommates. Marianne, who is leading Snowmass, said she was going to look into assuring that the airline and ski lift tickets are in order before the trip.

TOOT REPORT: TOOT Coordinator, Ellie Thayer, and TOOT layout editor, Jan Marx, reported that all articles for the November TOOT had been submitted.

OLD BUSINESS: There were three items of old business.

PVS 50th Anniversary Gala: The club’s 50th anniversary is in November 2015. The gala committee members, Nancy, Ray, Rosemary, and Jan, will confer and find a time to visit The Top of the Town in Rosslyn as a possible venue for the gala. Nancy hopes to add one more member to the committee.

Survey of meeting times: Nancy reported that she has begun a spreadsheet with the data received from survey participants. She estimated that it will be done in a few days and she will then share the results with ExCom.

Carpooling to meetings: Nancy was asked by a few members at the last meeting to look at this issue again. To date, there has been a notice in the TOOT to contact Dave, if interested in carpooling, for a list of members in one’s zip code or town. The requesting group wondered if volunteer drivers could identify themselves in the TOOT and carpoolers could contact them and help pay for gas. There was a general discussion, but ultimately there was a consensus among ExCom members that the responsibility for finding a driver should lie with those wanting to carpool. Several more sentences will be added to the TOOT notice, to wit, suggesting that one check the Membership Roster for nearby addresses and zip codes and then contact a nearby member to see if he or she is driving to the meeting or event.

NEW BUSINESS: There were two items of new business.

Date for the November/December ExCom meeting: It was decided that the meeting would be telephonic and held on December 9.

Nominating Committee for the 2015 slate of officers: Nancy asked for a volunteer to chair the nominating committee. Following deafening silence, she asked that members email her with any suggestions for a committee chair and also for candidates for new ExCom members.

ADJOURNMENT: A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting. The meeting was adjourned at 8:09PM.

Minutes submitted by the secretary, Ellie Thayer.